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  1. Article By: Jessi 7XS Throughout time within our Communities, we watch hard working Members become hard working Leaders. Leaders that work day in and out to keep the Community running smoothly, work to mentor us, guide us on our own paths to Leadership. As a Leader, we never want the day to come where we have to retire or leave; but those of us who have done so, know that we are and have paved the way for new Leadership to begin a new and exciting generation within the Community. Most recently, we have seen two amazing Leaders from The Xiled Ones take their step to let new Leadership
  2. Article By: Jessi 7XS We all have a sweet tooth. You can’t deny it, you know you do; but if you want to hide that sweet tooth from everyone else, at least you can enjoy something new like everyone else. Rogue Energy, the biggest name in energy has released an amazing new product this week. Introducing the Cookies ‘N’ Cream Shake. This is a new frontier for Rogue, as instead of mixing with water like traditional Rogue Energy, you mix this with milk. Yes, you heard me right, MILK. You like milkshakes? Hate all the extra calories and sugar that comes with it? Fear not! The Cookies ‘N’
  3. Corona, Rona, Sars 2, COVID-19. The most recent Pandemic in the last 10 years. First schools were canceling, then came the closures of restaurants, retail stores, gyms, recreation, amusements; everything just stopped running how it ‘normally’ would. Due to all the restrictions, we found ourselves at home, “in the house bored”. But what gave us a sense of normalcy? Gaming. Gaming and this Community. We went from having our part time or full time jobs or school, to gaming 24/7 to fill the void. But was that necessarily the best thing to do? My vote, yes, 100%. It’s natural that we th