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Xiled Roles

Have you ever wanted your own customized discord role to differentiate from the others? With Xiled Roles you and up to 10 friends can enjoy the community discord in style! Choose your own role name and just let a discord moderator know which friends you want in the role!

Subscription 1: $10 a month (up to 10 friends in the community server)
Subscription 2: $20 a month (up to 20 friends in the community server)
12 Month Subscription: $50 (up to 30 friends in the community server for 12 months)

What can you do?
– Create your own role name
– Option to change your discord group color once every 48 hours
– Option to change your discord group name once a week
– Invite any of your friends to the role!
– Remove anyone from your group

-the group will be deleted after the subscription ends
-will need to contact a moderator for removals, additions, and other customizations.

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1 Month – 10 Friends, 1 Month – 20 Friends, 12 Month – 30 Friends


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