By Dovahkin

Pizza is a delicious, and favorite food, item across the world. It has become meaningful to many people. Mothers who are too tired to cook, college students who are tired of ramen, and families who love to bond over that sweet taste of a deep dish. That is why the gesture of millions of Halo fans sending pizza to 343 studios is so meaningful. Of course, we all love pizza, but 343 is probably pretty sick of it right now. They received millions of pizzas from Halo fans across the globe after announcing Halo: The Master Chief Collection is going to PC and adding Halo: Reach. All though, I’m sure they thoroughly enjoyed the pizza, it became a nightmare for them. Their building’s receptionist wasn’t there so it was difficult to get the pizza to the right place. When the pizza did reach the right place it was likely to just start piling up without a belly being reached.

All of the pizza around 343 studios gave them an idea. It was decided that all players of Halo 5 would get a special surprise. A pizza skin that was able to be applied to your weapons was the reward awaiting the community of Halo 5. Halo fans were also ecstatic to find that along with this gift, the outlier Halo games were added to the collection, making it a full Halo experience for anyone who bought the collection.

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This just shows what gratitude for the excellent experiences given to us can bring to us. Among good feelings, sometimes a spare gift may lay waiting for us. Those with the creative, inventive, and imaginative minds who bring great experiences to the world’s gamers should always be appreciated. On behalf of all of the XS News team, and the rest of Xiled Syndicate, we thank you!


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