By Max

Fortnite has released a new updated and this week, it is jam-packed with new and exciting modes and updates to items. Have you noticed the difference?

The Floor is Lava:

“The floor is lava” is the newest game mode out to Fortnite, for squads only. A few minutes into the match, the lava will begin to rise. The lava moves at a steady speed until the entire map is covered, many think this is a fun past-time and a fun game to play with your squad members.

Poison Dart Trap:

This poison trap is apparently uncommon and can be found in various parts of the map in floor loots. These sneaky traps can be placed on floors, walls, and ceilings. Per tick of damage, 10 health is stripped away; at most, there is 8 damage ticks for over 7 seconds, doing damage of 80. Subsequent hits will refresh the duration of the effect.

New Consumables

Bananas and Coconuts (Tropical):

Bananas and coconuts are two of the newest consumable additions to the tropical parts of the map. For the bananas, players can expect every time one is eaten in a heat of battle they will gain 5 health. The coconuts must be hit down from a palm tree to receive the coconuts: players again will gain 5 health.

Peppers (Desert):

The peppers can be found in desert areas of the map, giving players 5 health and increase their speed by 20% for 10 seconds.

Which updates to you like to most, versus could live without? Let us know in the comments!


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