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Article By: BGL Venom XS
 Here in Xiled Syndicate, each one of the communities are growing more and more by the day, and Team Xiled International is no different! I had the privilege to meet with TXI SANDMAN 7XS to get the latest details on what is currently happening within the community. TXI is currently recruiting all players 18+ on all platforms! TXI is growing in all aspects, and there is no sign in stopping!

TXI SANDMAN 7XS is currently a Senior Director, and was overall a wonderful person to sit down and talk with. The first question that came to mind was “When it comes to leadership, how has growth been within TXI?”. “Growth has been well! We have leaders that are growing and learning while they teach our newer members. TXI leaders’ growth has been amazing these past few months.”

Regarding future events and changes, I asked “In the near future, what are you guys looking forward to the most when it comes to community operations, and what kind of events are coming soon within TXI?” “What we are looking forward to the most are more changes to our upper divisional staff and competitive teams. The events coming soon are recruiting events so our members can earn cash prizes.”

On the topic of recruitment events, I asked “How has recruiting been within TXI? If well, what tips do you have for inexperienced recruiters?” “Recruiting has been slow but well. My tip for new recruiters is getting to know potential members. Play a lot of games with them.”
As the majority of XS knows, there has been some new changes to the XS discord server. So for the last question, I asked “How has the new discord changes impacted TXI?” “The new changes to discord have not impacted TXI in any way. We got used to it, and some of us have to learn to accept it.”

Being able to learn more about TXI as a whole and ask about their newest updates was an amazing experience overall! There are always new events going on and new changes happening to each community within Xiled Syndicate. We are always looking for new and exciting things coming in the near future to each one of the communities!
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Welcome all! Here you can introduce yourself. I would love to get to know any and all of you that join and become apart of this group. 


My name is Megan, or like most people would know XGNDarkStorm. I'm 22 years old. This group is something I hope grows and becomes something amazing. I love to read, listen to mostly rock music, and enjoy drawing and writing the most; besides gaming, of course. 😆
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Article By: Jessi 7XS

Do you have an obsession with taking selfies? Whether it be on Insta, Twitter, or Snap I'm sure you totally do. Well get ready beauties! Xiled Syndicate Events Department is hosting the first ever Holiday Selfie Pageant!

Running from now until December 15th, 2020, any member that wishes to participate can submit their favorite selfie in each of three different categories; Black & White, Filters, and Non-Filters. Both guys and girls are encouraged to participate, and you can submit one selfie in each category!

Prizes will be awarded to First, Second, and Third place in each category! With the prizes as follows;

- 1st Place will win a $10 Gift Card, Forums Awards, and Discord Roles
- 2nd Place will win the choice of  2 Awards and 1 Discord Role 
- 3rd Place will win the choice of  1 Award and 1 Discord Role

Here are the choices of the Forum Awards & Discord Roles you can win!
• Boobalicious (Discord Role)
• Dragon Clan (Discord Role) 
• Bruh (Discord Role) 
• Fierce As A Dragon (Forums Award)
• Arya's Dragons (Forums Award) 
• Afk (Forums Award)

Take a shot and show us what you got! Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. 

If you would like to enter, please submit your selfies to one of the following Pageant Judges; 

- XILED Noob
- BGL Slay 7XS
- BGL Kirby7XS
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Hello Xiled Gamers! 


Over the next [2] weeks Xiled Syndicate will be allocating 100% of any, and all Xiled Elite, Forum Group, Forum Award, Discord Role, Apparel, and Donations to the furthering of our new primary website XiledSyndicate.com. -


Understand this is something our organization has had to goal of accomplishing for sometime, unfortunately we utilize a third-party software and it ultimately wasn't up to us. However, this has all changed, and we have a clear path, and instructions to make browsing our website 100% easier, and convenient for the member. Big changes are coming to XS, and below I will break down how every cent if you decide to spend it will be used. 

- Plugin Renewal / Upgrade: As some of you may have noticed some key-website features are not live. This is because since upgrading to our new version many plugins have become outdated, and obsolete. In Order to correct this we must re-purchase several plugins. Note: Before considered for mobile application you must have a completely legal, and up to date forum. 

- Plugin Acquisition: There are several key plugins that we have never used before, some of which have already been purchased and installed. For example this page! We now have News Articles, Marketplace, and Custom Page plugins and have hopes of picking up 3-5 more premium plugins to better the website experience. 

- Hosting: Xiled Syndicate currently spends $500+ in monthly expenses, since we now have [1] domain it only makes sense to move to Cloud Hosting by IPB. - This would decrease our monthly expenses tremendously.

- Theme License Keys: We currently have a theme for each community of Xiled Syndicate, purchasing a license for each is needed to be considered for the application.

- Apple/Android/Microsoft App: Xiled Syndicate will use funds to ensure all the following above is updated, and ready to go. A mobile application / the ability to browse an optimized version of this website is going to be amazing. Especially if placed on Xbox Live.

Aprox Needed: $2000
Owners of Xiled Syndicate have agreed to match every $1 made/raised in the next [2] weeks up to $1,000.

How to support this:

- Share the page (its free)
- Purchase any Xiled Elite Subscription
- Purchase a Custom Forums Group/Award
- Purchase a Custom Discord Role
- Donate 
- Purchase Apparel
- Purchase XS Gift Cards (for friends)

👻Purchase the Xiled Syndicate Spooktacular Bundle! 🎃
Bundle Includes:
-1 Lifetime Xiled Elite Membership (Giftable)
-1 Xiled Syndicate Team Jersey of choice (Giftable)
-1 Xiled Syndicate Mousepad or Facemask (Put in order notes or email [email protected])

100% of Proceeds go toward web-development and application.

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As most of you should know by now Xiled Syndicate leadership has been working diligently to revamp our organization's core infrastructure and methods of "clan building."

Last week 100+ Xiled Syndicate Community Leaders, Department Heads, and Xiled Elite members gathered as I unveiled the vision that will take our family of players to the new age, and more importantly the NEXT LEVEL.

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If you are wanting to join this group, please make a new topic stating whether you'd like the group as your Primary or Secondary. A member of the Admin team will then place you in the group.

Group Owned By: @XGNMadMax
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I would love to be a part of this epic group
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Article By: Jessi 7XS

Tonight was a huge, and I mean huge game changer for Xiled Syndicate as a whole. At the Xiled Syndicate Council Meeting this evening, the XS Board of Directors, along with Community Leaders, and even Xiled Elite members in attendance were clued into a new era for the community.


Hello all, TXO xFrosty_LXIX here

If you want to join this group just start a new topic, ask to join and call it Primary or Secondary and someone from our Administrator team will get with your request as soon as possible. 


Gamertag/Forums display name:

 Primary or Secondary:
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Not sure 🤔

I am your drinking buddy so boom

@XGN Messiah VI Looking for your approval

I will sing a song but we need to have at least 30 posts. You will all need to post a song on this forums thread, every week will be different with a different genre. 



Rock and Roll (80's)

Specific artists

Group vote......
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V    W   LS

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I’ll start us off. 

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Division Meetin Notes 8/28/2019

7:30 PM EST


Dept notes


Top Recruiters 

3 XGN nightmare 6 

2 whoKnows 7 

1 XGN lightningX 10




Mixer is Doing good



Hiro completed his charity stream, raised a lot of money for the wounded warrior project.




On twitter use @BecomeXiled, they will retweet your posts.

More recruitment tweets




1 artist removed for inactivity and another quit

Another trial artist brought on board




60 requests with 20 awards going out 


Utilize your divisions finest awards, and give the award out to those that really have worked hard for





Jessi recieved a couple more applications 

FGN got their first member of their news team.

If your interested let us know so we can get you to the right place to apply!


Events and Tournaments 


Minecraft Building idea contest


Siege tournament will be happening 

**players must use controllers,if caught using a keyboard and mouse team will be DQ




9/7 next rolling gamenight 


Div warfare is coming back

For both siege and B04

Teams must ready by 8/30


Forums totals


Mystic PS 2626

Churchill DoD 1617

Nix XL 1468


11665 Total posts


297 registered 

767 most posts in one day this week

54 people most visits on 8/24/2019




SSG-MSG LDP has finished 4th certification

LT-GEN has finished 4th certification and are certified and masters will be starting.


Extra notes—

Inactives, have squad staff message inactives to see if they can have them become active again if not please drop them.

Discord is a REQUIREMENT!


-Recruitment push from all divisions/Squads


Host XGN Totalchaos

XGN Allfather










no or yes?
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Jungle members can do their Daily Check-In here.

For example: "I'm here"

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Hope everyone had a good 4th of July!
XGN club -> Xiled Syndicate club open for everyone in xs; make sure to remain respectful to everyone

Thank you to everyone who’s been in the pit and continue on with the hard work!

Remember that communication is a 2 way street
Dept notes
 Outreach is currently doing great!
Gamenight section
Weekly gamenights 5+ community gn goal
6 new gn staff
XGN Concord
BGL cat xs
Xgn FriendlyFox 
Xgn pico charlie
Kn daddy mechanic 
Already some gamenights have been held
Div v div section 
Div v div had some set back. 3 new teams were added that set the schedule back some
Round 2 games are to play JULY 12
New manager TXO GIGGY VII
League section
Overwatch league has finally came to an end
Some awesome matches! Thank you to everyone who watched
Please congratulate DoDs team kfc cleaners for winning the league
XGN Hellcat xs
Xgn XLegendx
Xgn Lanius 
Xgn Oreo 7
Xgn Brandon 7

Only 2 squads didn’t hit the 30 post goal
1st: Vengeance WAG 16,629
2nd: Genesis DoD 4,128
3rd: Anubis BoS 3,122

Make sure that we are constantly pushing each other to do our absolute best. Especially when it comes to the people we form personal connections to. We need to make sure to push our friends to do better. 

Make sure that all members know that the coc and policies still apply during the events


Make sure all squads manually do background checks
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Our All Community Hall Of Fame for FGN 


First up is - 

Since the very beginning of being an XS ambassador I saw a lot of promise from this young lady. Since day one she has been working hard and doing everything she can to help FGN. Not only that but she has done some amazing things for XS as well. So to honor such a hard working young woman please join me in congratulating @FGN Empress VII on becoming FGNs very first ever HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE!!! Congratulations .!!! And on behalf of all of FGN I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to helping build and shape FGN into what it is today!!! I look forward to seeing you soar to even greater heights today tomorrow and in the future! Keep up the amazing work!!!



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What is Xiled's Summer Anniversary Bash?
The Xiled's Summer Anniversary Bash is the next upcoming Annual Event scheduled for July 6th, 2019. The game  will be decided by you, our members. Voting starts today, Sunday, June 16th and ends on Friday, June 21th. 

First Place:

Cash Prize TBD

Exclusive discord color/role in the XS community server.

Exclusive forums award on the XS forums.

Runner-up (Second Place): 

Exclusive discord color/role in the XS community server.

1. Xiled's Summer Anniversary Bash will be a 2v2 tournament.
2. Xiled's Summer Anniversary Bash will start at 2PM EST on July 6th.
3. The XS Events department is responsible for the supervision and management of the tournament.
4. The game rules for Xiled's Summer Anniversary Bash will be announced shortly AFTER the voting process.
5. Every match of the event will be streamed by the captains or the Events Department to the best of our ability.
6. Substitutions are flexible, but a member can only play with one team and will not be allowed to switch team after his or her team has lost. ALL members must be in Xiled Syndicate for at least 1 week prior to the start of the tournament.
7. The XGN CoC will be strictly enforced by Senior Leadership.
8. Your team may drop out of the tournament at any time.
9. Your team may be asked step out the tournament at any time and for any reason.
10. The Xiled Events Outreach staff (apart of the XS Events Department) will contact each captain 3-4 days prior to the launch of the event.

Any Questions?
Contact: KN Formal, OTO Calus XS, XGN Noah, XGNShadowWolf95 or XGN Ish 7
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So you wanna be a seed of stinkky huh? In order to join our most prestigious group in XGN you must obtain direct confirmation from XGN Stinkky or myself XGN Apollyan in order to be granted access to the group!
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