By Cassie

I got the pleasure of getting the leader of our newest community, OTO, into a party. OTO VeRiiTaS 7, otherwise known as “Rita”, is the president and owner of OTO. Below, you can see Rita is a very knowledgeable guy with a lot of aspirations and future plans to make OTO the next successful gaming community.

Q: What does OTO stand for?

A: “Outlast the Opposition.”

Q: Why did you create OTO?

A: “I think I created OTO, the same reasons people created communities like XS and what are in XS. I just want to produce a safe place for people who want to game and have fun. OTO has a great opportunity to do something other communities haven’t done with the backing of the other Xiled Syndicate leaders – Mr XGN – and everyone else involved with Xiled Syndicate in general; I think we all have a good opportunity here. When OTO created, that was the first thought, to join Xiled Syndicate… I think Xiled Syndicate will do a lot of good things here, and so will OTO.”

Q: When did you create OTO?

A: “Well it was officially, Wednesday I guess? The 27th, February 27th of 2019; but the official announcement is today. We will be officially opening it up a month or two months down the line depending on the applications and how quick we can set it up.”

Q: How did you pick your logo for OTO?

A: “Well, we were just scrolling through a website that has logos. We saw this badass logo, that we really really liked and said ‘Hey that looks like a winner.’ I got other opinions and they really liked it. Now, we are rocking that, so I guess that’s the origin on that, not a very interesting origin, but that’s okay.”

Q: What is the division and squad or squads names of OTO?

A: “So the current squad and division we are rocking are Awaken, FD. The FD stands for Forsake Dynasty.”

Q: Introduce your community, and tell us about it and your future hopes.

A: “My community is OTO, Outlast the Opposition, we are equal and I am hoping to have a unique environment that you cannot find anywhere else; not even in XS. I hope my leadership style and background can produce a unique style that isn’t here yet. My biggest goal for myself that isn’t OTO is to build and support XS. We are a family here, we are all one, essentially. I want OTO to be a big part of that, whether that be OTO members hanging out with other members… or departments. It’s small now, nothing glamours, but with time and hard work … I think that sooner rather than later OTO will be a big part of xs – or I hope so.”

Q: Introduce yourself to the members of Xiled Syndicate who might not know you.

A: “Yeah, so I am OTO VeRiitaS 7, my name is Tyler – uh, hi. I have been around the community scene for quite a bit now, I was rocking over the KSI side before. The reason I got to be apart of Xiled Syndicate is that Cory (Mr XGN) and I have been really close friends for a while. I have had ties here for a long time, I have been in parties with him before talking about the idea of Xiled Syndicate and what it could be before it was even created… I love members, I love gaming, I love everything about communities in general. I am excited to be a part of it, and have my own community now.”

Q: What are some of the games you like to play if members of XS would want to game with you?

A: “Uh, I play a lot of BO4, I don’t regularly play Halo: 5, I play anything. If people invite me to a game, and I don’t have it, I might just buy it. I love gaming, and I have always had that mentality, I love gaming…”


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