By Cassie

Being able to talk to a lot of members from various communities is amazing, and something that I am so grateful to be able to do. Recently, I had the opportunity to get with OTO Poseidon. He originally joined XGN, almost a year ago, and made the noble decision to go over to our XS sister community OTO (Outlast the Opposition) and build it from the ground up with the help of other. Below, are his answers.

“What’s your current rank?”

“My current rank is COL.”

“How long have you been in XGN before coming over to help OTO for?”

“50 weeks, give or take.”

“Why did you come over to help OTO?”

“I brought back two squads from dying, and when this opportunity to help grow a new community from the ground up: I decided to jump on it. I love helping people and I figured this would be the perfect way to show my peers what I’m made of.”

“Who has inspired you in XGN and how?”

“Wow there’s so many to list, but I’ll give you my top 3: Air Corp XGN 7, XGN Arab, and TXO Condor VII. These gentlemen helped me a great deal growing up in the community, they provided me with the knowledge I needed to grow myself as a leader and a normal human being. If it wasn’t for these wonderful group of guys, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today and I definitely applaud them for the things they’ve done for me during the time I’ve been here.”

“Do you have any advice for up and coming members?”

“Absolutely, nothing in these communities is given, work your butts off and you’ll get noticed. Everything takes time so don’t rush anything, take the time to work hard, and your work will pay off in the long run.”

“What is your short-term goal in OTO?”

“My short-term goal is to help get the community started and get our first squad fully matured and built.”

“What is your long-term goal in OTO?”

“My long-term goal would be to create a healthy and prosperous community that everyone will talk about.”

“If someone wanted to game with you, what would be your favorite games you’re into right now?”

“Right now I’ve been grinding a lot of Sea of Thieves, Rainbow 6 Siege, The Division 2, and Destiny 2.”

“What are a few things you would like people to know about you?”

“I’m easy to get along with, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I’m willing to help anyone do anything!”

“What do you find most challenging at being a member at your rank?”

“None! There’s not much of a big difference between being a COL or being an MSG, it’s just a little more responsibility but its nothing I can’t handle.”

“What did you think of OTO when you first joined?”

“When I first joined and found out the community was starting out, literally from the ground up, I was a little skeptical. But [I] met some amazing people that were already over here and its been a fun time since I transferred over.”

“Tell us something you think other communities don’t know about OTO.”

“…Our president is the acting GEN for the time being, and OTO was also formed from KSI.”

“How would you describe your division in three words?”

“What division? Lol.”

“Who do you think recommended you for an XS Spotlight?”

“OTO VeRiiTaS 7.”


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