By Disney

In E3’s 2018 conference, EA announced that a new game mode for Battlefield V. The announcement was that they will be hopping on the battle royale band-wagon. When the game released in October of 2018, we have all been grabbing bits and pieces of when the new game mode will be released. Last Thursday, the new trailer was leaked: “Firestorm” finally gives fans a first look at what to expect on release.

The trailer did not inform the viewers of much. However, we do know this much about the game. The map is stated to feature “the largest Battlefield map ever”. It was also said by Dice that “…(the map) is a sandbox filled with destructible buildings, weaponry, and vehicles”. As you watch the trailer it says that the map will consist of 64 players, and fans can play in solo, duos, or squads. You will drop in on the map via parachute, much like Pub G or Fortnite, and scour the map for loot. The circle will also decrease in size after a given timeframe by a fire that consumes the outside.
The game is set to release on March 25th, 2019. The release will happen with the start of the games’ 3rd chapter titled “Trial by Fire”.


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