Article By: Jessi 7 XS

For years, XGN HELL5FURY 7 has been a huge part of Xiled Gaming Network. Since he joined the community he has always put the best interest of the members at the top of his list. Working day in and day out, he was innovative, respectful, responsible, and always looking towards the future of the community.

HELL5FURY was instrumental in the beginning of the Leadership Development Program, a program that has helped hundreds of leaders unlock their potential through weekly workshops on various topics. Becoming the Head Judge of the XGN Justice 7, and the Chief of Justice for Xiled Syndicate, carefully reviewing the many cases that come in per day of members wishing to return to the community, essentially keeping our community a safe place to be.

Through his extensive career, HELL5FURY has helped to shape Xiled Gaming Network as it stands today. This includes helping to shape the current leadership. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, we are seeing two outstanding leaders take new roles in Xiled Gaming Network.

XGN Orion 7XS has been promoted to Vice President of Xiled Gaming Network, and XGN Ish 7 has been promoted to Chief of Community Operations of Xiled Gaming Network!

With these promotions, HELL5FURY will now transition to Owner and Vice President of Operations for Xiled Syndicate as a whole. We all know that HELL5 will continue to put forth the effort and dedication he has put towards Xiled Gaming Network into Xiled Syndicate as well.

Thank you HELL5FURY for all of your hard work over the years. Thank you for helping to shape Xiled Gaming Network into what it has become, for helping to mold us into the leaders that we are today.


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