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Xiled Syndicate has partnered with their first ever game sponsor: Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden. XS is happy to bring you future games to enjoy and continue to love using the link provided at the end, purchase using this link and XS directly receives 24% of EVERY purchase which then goes back into the community to continue to give all members the best experience possible. We thank you for your support and hope to see your screenshots and game clips on Twitter, Instagram, and our other social media while playing this game.

Before becoming a turn-based tactical game, Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden was a successful adaption of Mutant Year Zero, an unproblematic pen, and paper role-playing game.  Then being inspired by X-COM, The Road To Eden tells of a post-apocalyptic world where human life destroyed itself, leaving the Earth terrifyingly damaged beyond repair. The Road to Eden balances skill, tactic, and stealth, bringing players a game they can truly enjoy for hours on Xbox, PC, and PS4.

The story begins, making it very obvious that the world was destroyed, and the only known safe place is called the Ark. This settlement is where humans could live in peace, away from the constant dangers that arise in the self-annihilated world. But the humans couldn’t survive in the Zone, so they developed Mutants, or otherwise known as Stalkers, half human and half animal beings who could be the only ones to stand any chance against the enemies found in the Zone. To keep the Ark in equilibrium, there are resources the team needs to be able to continue to sustain life, these resources can be only found the Zone. These mutants come together, exploring the wilderness under the guidance of the Elder, the last actual human knowledge of the past.

Players get to meet Bormin and Dux a talking pig and duck. The two are tasked by the Elder to go on a journey to find the best Stalker, who left the Ark for unknown reasons in a rush
It doesn’t take long before they find Selma, a mutant as well. They eventually discover that the Elder is actually searching for Eden, an almost mythical settlement where humans may thrive without having to deal with the same difficulties of living in the Ark. Eden is just stories among all Mutants, so at first, they do not believe the Elder, but regardless they embark on the journey.

Road to Eden is a fun game, the lowest difficulty being normal, players can enjoy a challenging experience. Sneak around, and kill enemies with the funny commentary from Dux, Selma, or Bormin. Build, dominate, laugh, or fly, and try to find Eden on this thrilling new adventure.



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