Being a leader is a responsibility to sometimes thousands of people when it comes to gaming communities. Providing a fun, but progressive, experience for an entire base of members can be one of the most rewarding things any leader can do online. In the process of providing that experience though, you deal with several thousand personalities in one place. Those personalities all have different goals, most have a similar vision, some have different preferences and belief systems. In making tough calls, that contrast of belief will always leave some members unhappy or dissatisfied with a decision, the ranges of reactions that come with it make being a leader one of the more stressful jobs that is vastly misunderstood and sometimes underestimated.

To some, the universe of gaming communities is a reality that outweighs the reality away from the headset, controllers, and ranks: that leaders are simply people. People that worked their way up the system with dedication and effort, but ultimately aren’t professional leaders for a living or put in 4 years for a degree in gaming community leadership.

We all know that negative groups, people exist that may or may not have been affected by the contrast in decisions, or see this is their primary reality. Leaders aren’t perfect – people aren’t perfect – and are aware of this with every decision they have to make. They understand the anger of some, but sometimes that anger goes too far. Since the beginning of gaming communities online, owners and primary leaders have been under scrutiny of scandals and rumors. It comes with the territory. Words and lies like “Corrupt”, “Stealing from Members”, and the more common “He/She is a pedophile” have been allegations that have turned into almost default negative attack, defamation to one’s character.

More recently to the gaming scene, Mr. XGN experienced this. Since making XGN in 2010, he has been under attack with the stereotypical rumors have floated around for years; countless videos, posts, comments have been made either refuting or claiming these allegations. Back in 2015, a mugshot of a man named Cory Alan West who was charged as an online sex offender surfaced amongst gaming communities and was rumored to be Mr XGN. Currently, this same mugshot has been used by negative groups and upset former members to try and resurface rumors and create a scandal.

Cory Alan West:


Mr XGN’s Ex-Girlfriends Birth Certificate:

Tax Document Verifying XS and XGN is an actual taxable business:

Above are two images posted by Mr XGN refuting that he is not Cory Alan West. So let’s start with the initial photo of the mugshot. Cory Alan West was 20 at the time of the offense in 2014, which makes him 25 now according to an updated Kentucky Offender list. Considering he got arrested for a crime that field a 3-5 year jail sentence, even with a great attorney he would have served a minimum of 6 months to 1 year. Now with the 2 photos posted by Mr XGN, along with concrete facts. 2014-2016 were marquee years for XGN, it would be noticeable if Mr XGN just disappeared for 6-12 months. Let alone the core of XGN’s sponsors and E-Sports success came in that span, background checks are done with major sponsors for PR reasons alone, an internet related charge would have been glaring.

Based on the driver’s license photo, 1995 would make Mr XGN 23 today, 17-18 at the time Cory Alan West was 20. The name Payton isn’t a first or middle name for Mr. West. XGN was opened in 2010-2011 which made Mr XGN 14-15 years old at its opening. The rumors going back to KSI according to another accuser would have made any contact consensual seeing Mr XGN was 3-4 years from being a legal adult himself. Now, talking about him dating a minor. His ex-significant other, Tatiana, was born October 23, 1996, while Mr XGN was born April 9th, 1995 . He is roughly a year and a half older than her, making everything perfectly legal and consensual. 

The real thing to notice in all of this is the monumental waste of time spent on drama, a lot of opinions are going to form in this culture. The definition of a family is different everywhere and isn’t limited to having each other’s backs, it’s also succeeding together, wanting more for each other than we previously had, it’s investing in each other and the house we call our own.

Going back to the start of this article, a gaming community is 1000’s of personalities that have their own goals, come to their own conclusions and all want an experience unique to them. I hope this sheds some light on the topic whether it was something that crossed you or not. Xiled Syndicate is striving to be more than the drama that weighs down our culture of gaming communities and part of achieving that is being transparent with every member.



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