Hello KN Elkram 7 , thank you for joining us today and allowing the Xiled Syndicate to get to know a little
about one of Killjoy Networks Finest!

: Hey! The pleasure is all mine! this is truly an honor to not only receive a vote but to win, mind

Q.) What made you interested in gaming communities?
A.) So rewind about 12 years ago, I was just getting into gaming it was a whole big world full of crazy
people and smash mouth lobbies, like scary smash mouth. I was just a young kid at the time and really
felt intimidated by the online gaming community in general. so, I met a few older guys that took me
under their wing and stood up for me. they had an idea to make a small clan and from that I kind of built
a bubble around myself with these people which made me feel safe and that I could have a lot of fun
with these gentlemen, fast forward a few months everything fell apart with these guys do to some
strong ego complexes to say the least. once again, I was on my own. I then stubbled into a game lobby
of some XGC members. they pitched to me this idea of a massive community something that could
foster my growth as a leader for years to come, and that’s what I did for a few years. then once again,
big egos game into play and power hunger politics forced me to make a move to sperate myself from
XGC and join an established community with a friendlier environment KSI.

Q.) What do you find difficult about being a KN Leader?
A.) Gosh nothing about being a leader is easy. I as a division leader am responsible from anywhere from
200 to 500 people. I must make calls and decisions daily that affects all of them. I like to think of myself
as a father in moments like that. you might not like that call I have to make but it’s the best call for you
and the rest of this family. we spend days if not years building relationships with people and there are
times when you must put that relationship on the line for the betterment of the community and things
like that make the mantel of leader a very hard thing to bare but, god I wouldn’t trade it for the world

Q.) What’s your favorite aspect of leading in Killjoy Network?
A.) The members. The members. The members. you all make this so worth every day. from the time I
wake up to the time I rest my head and even in my dreams I think about ways of bettering all your
futures. I would not be who I am today without the love and support of all the members in this
community and syndicate. so, thank you, every one of you for being who you are! Continue to reach for
the stars and do amazing things every single last one of you can be the next senior director never let
anyone say any different.

Q.) Why should members choose to rank up in gaming communities?
A.) Two phrases come into mind when I think of this question.
“Be the change you want to see in the community”
“ask not what the community can do for you but what you can do for the community”
now I know people are going to hear that and be like “yeah okayyyy” but for real guys, I am self-made.
Mr.XGN? Self-made. XGN HELL5FURY 7? Self-made. Cali KN? Self-made. But we all made it to the top of
our communities by helping others grow beneath us and making sure every step of the way that our
members needs came before our own personal agenda. You can make the impact that we have very
easily by stepping up and taking the opportunity to better the environment around you.

Q.) What do you do outside of Killjoy Network / XS?
A.) I am a Anti-Terrorism/Force-Protection Master at Arms for the United States Navy for which I am
Stationed in Sicily Italy, I have been a part of the armed forced for a number of years now and look to
separate from the military in August of next year. Once completing my contract I attend to attend the
University of Michigan finish my bachelors degree and accept a job offer with the United States Secret
Service. Besides that? I travel Europe and see new places all the time I also attend as many
Hardstyle/Hardcore events I can like DEFQON.1, Decibel and Hard Island.

Q.) What games do you enjoy playing when you’re not doing clan ops?
A.) Neir:Automata and Fortnite

Q.) Other than SR what is your favorite division of all time and why?
Either Demonic Mayhem or Wicked Intent; just a lot of memories and such. No need to get into

Q.) Advice for upcoming members?
A.) Never give up on your dreams for this community, like I said before every recruit can be the next
senior director its possible. Perceiver through the crap keep your head held high and strive for

Q.) How can the syndicate connect with you? (Your Social Media)
GT: KN Elkram 7
Discord: Elkram 7#1492
Twitter: @7Elkram
adding me on discord Is probably the best way.

Thank You all for taking the time to get to know one of Xiled Syndicate’s Finest!
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