Welcome to the Xiled Syndicate Merchant Application, we appreciate your interest in selling your new/used gaming/nerd culture items on our e-shop.
Understand a few facts about this process and what you will need to do after completing this application. 

1.) After completion, you will be contacted within 24 hours to get more details about what you hope to sell.
2.) Once we go over all terms vocally you will be given instructions on how to “mail-in” your items.
3.) Once received, all NEW items will be registered into our database, photographed, listed and stored securely until sold or requested to be mailed back.
4.) The seller must cover all shipping cost to XS, however, if requested to be returned XS will cover that cost.
5.) XS pays for all items to be packaged and mailed to customers.
6.) XS will take ZERO percent of the money made, and will simply act as a middle man. 
7.) Merchants are paid within 8 hours of their item being shipped.
8.) All USED video games, movies, and electronics must be tested by XS before being posted to ensure quality and working condition.
9.) ALL sellers must remain ACTIVE Xiled Elite members to list items.
10.) The merchant items will be found HERE




Xiled Merchant Application
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