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This week’s member spotlight goes out to BGL Jenna 7XS. I had the opportunity to interview her.

When did you first join Xiled Syndicate?

“I joined XS on November 8, 2018.”

What affiliation of XS did you first join?


Why did you join?

“I joined XGN mainly because, the person that recruited me got me really interested in the aspect of a gaming community. He didn’t directly ask me to join, but the more he talked about it, the more I wanted to become a member. The idea of a community of diverse people united by the love of gaming was pretty cool to me and something I wanted to take part in.”

Do you want to give any advice to those who might be interested in joining?

“Come and give XS a chance! You might like it. There are many different opportunities for you to grow as a gamer, as an artist, as a social media manager, as a YouTuber, or even as a person. You will experience some amazing times with friends you make here and bond with people you may have not had the chance to meet outside of XBOX.”

With gaming communities comes opportunities, positions, and ranks. What rank and positions do you currently hold?

“I am currently the Community Manager of BGL. I am also the Co-Manager over Outreach in Events, I am on the Recruitment Staff, and I am also the Social Media Manager of BGL.”

I understand that you were just recently promoted. What rank did you just acquire?

“I was just promoted to the Community Manager of BGL which is a position on BGL’s Board of Directors.”

Awesome!! You have earned that rank every inch of the way.
Is there anybody that has inspired you to achieve what you have achieved in XS and if so, how?

“In XGN, my mentor was XGN IRISH. He showed me how to lead with confidence and how to take advice from members of any rank. This has played an extremely important role in developing my leadership skills. XGN Belle 7 was my first General and she taught me how to lead while being a friend while still being a role model. She works extremely hard and did an amazing job of splitting the squad I was in and then she was promoted to Co-Founder. She taught me that as a female, I can still be taken seriously in a position of leadership. I also have to say that BGL Caliber XS has inspired me to have full faith in not only XGN but all of XS as a whole. No matter how many members a community has, with the help of all the partners in Xiled Syndicate, we can build and in some cases rebuild and create something great.There are many other people that have played a huge role in getting to my current rank, none of which go unnoticed and I would like to thank every single person that has helped me along the way.”

Would you be willing to share the chronological history of the clans, squads, divisions, and ranks that you have been in and achieved while a member of XS?

“I joined XGN’s Revenge squad in the WaG division on November 8, 2018. I then transferred to BGL’s Karnage Squad in the SoW division on February 20, 2018.”

What is something amazing that people don’t know about XGN? BGL?

“XGN is more than just a gaming community and so is BGL. I have met, what I think of, as life, long friends since I’ve been here. The help that both communities provide to their members is impeccable. The outreach and support is just awesome. If one member ever has any issue, they have the ability to get help from multiple people because both communities are so tight knit.”

What are your short-term goals for BGL? Long-term goals?

“My short-term goal at the moment for BGL is to grow our community smoothly and efficiently and to split a division. My long-term goal is to be inclusive and to stay up-to-date with all aspects of gaming including graphic design, YouTube, streaming, news, and media. Anything in the gaming that we haven’t done yet is what I would like to try to implement into BGL so that we can be completely inclusive and meet every single one of our members needs and match their interests while maintaining a fun and safe environment for all members regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, etc.”

What do you find most challenging as a member of your rank?

“Challenges I have faced so far have involved time management. I am part of a few departments so I have to balance out all of those duties from those with my duties as Community Manager. It is all manageable, but it is definitely hard work.”

Can you sum up BGL in 1 word? Xiled Syndicate in 3 words?

“BGL – Family
XS – Amazing Human Beings”

You mentioned family in your previous answer. Family usually knows stuff about that others don’t know. Is there anything that you would like to share about yourself that nobody knows about you?

“I really enjoy playing the upright bass and the double bass. I like paying classical music. I have played at some pretty cool places in my life including Carnegie Hall, the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier, the Historic RCA Studio B in Nashville, West Point, Kean University, and at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.”

Wow!! I did not know that.
What is your favorite color?



What is your favorite snack?

“I LOVE chocolate almond milk and I like snacking on carrots with hummus.”

What is your favorite genre of music?

“I actually don’t know. Maybe, something along the lines of rap, hip-hop, or pop.”

Would you rather eat a potato that tastes like a tomato or a tomato that tastes like a potato?

“Ewww!! I literally don’t like tomatoes. So, I guess I am going to have to go with a tomato that tastes like a potato.”

As you can see XGN Jenna 7XS is awesome in her own way and I wanted to thank her for giving me the opportunity to interview her. Keep up all the great work that you do!! Congratulations on that promotion!!


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