LEGO Speed Champions Title ImageArticle By: Jessi 7 XS

Just when we thought that Forza couldn’t get any better, they surprise us again. The newest DLC released for Forza Horizon 4, LEGO Speed Champions. Yes, I really just said Lego!

One of the first DLC to get me excited about racing more, was the Hot Wheels expansion for Forza Horizon 3. Being able to race with Hot Wheels cars that I played with as a kid. Even being able to race on that orange & blue track that I would loop around my parents living room was amazing!

Now, I’ve only seen the second Lego movie, wasn’t really something I thought I was going to be into but when I heard the hidden jokes in the movie that’s when I got excited lol. But let’s be honest, it was a pretty cool movie.

You get a chance to drive 3 different Lego cars, the 67 Mini Cooper S Rally, McLaren Senna, and the Ferrari F40 Competizione. Take a close look at these amazing cars, the detail is absolutely phenomenal. From the Lego studs with the embossed trademark, to the stickers of the door handles. The details look like the authentic Lego kit stickers.

What is great is that you are not limited to the cars you can drive in this DLC. Meaning that you can drive all your vehicles in LEGO Speed Champions. This is a bit better compared to Blizzard Mountain DLC in Forza Horizon 3 where you can only drive winter vehicles or SUVs.

LEGO McLaren with mini figThe details of the world around you is just amazing with this DLC. From the downtown area complete with mini-figs, to the Super Mega Awesome Adventure Stunt Park. I feel like the possibilities are endless with this DLC. 

One of the best parts that I enjoy so far, is the home ownership. The LEGO Brick Challenge Campaign rewards you with bricks to build a Master Builder’s house to be able to collect LEGO cars.

You will collect brick by completing PR Stunts, races, and more. Check out the new speed ramps & destruction challenges, they are sure to be a great time!

Compared to previous DLC where you would need to progress through the campaign to access the DLC, you are now able to fast track to LEGO Speed Champions right from starting the game. Making it easier for gamers who are early in the game itself.

In game race HUD & Visual
As far as car selection for this DLC, I can’t really say my expectations were met. Like I mentioned previously the detailing is quite amazing, but I’m bummed that you’re only able to have 3 LEGO cars.

Another let down for me, not being able to see your master builders house being built. When you complete the challenges to earn your bricks, when you have enough bricks to begin building, your house is flown in my helicopter.

But as a girl who during her childhood was that one to almost murder her parents feet by dumping Legos everywhere in the living room, I do have to say overall I’d give this LEGO Speed Champions DLC a solid 8 out of 10.

If you’d like to try out the LEGO Speed Champions DLC you can buy it now in the Microsoft Store for $19.99USD or for $17.99USD if you have Xbox Game Pass. 


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