Article By: TXO eG3e

League season 10 was released in Jan 2020 and has seen a ton of support, but also a ton of backlash for all the new mechanics, meta changes, character releases etc. However, before we get into the community’s impression of the new changes, I will be talking about my perspective. 

I have about 2-3 days played total on League season 10 this month alone, generally I would say the overall feel of the game is good and most of the characters are balanced. There are a few exceptions though, League has a tendency to add overpowered, unbalanced characters every patch and then spend 2-3 weeks to correct it; now before I move on, I totally get that they need to be overpowered so people play them, but they don’t need to be so advanced that nobody can touch them. Furthermore, League this season have moved to: fast, one shot type of play where if you scale enough every character has the ability – bar supports – to one shot you. This limits the amount of good characters you can play to keep up, characters like Ziggs or Karthus are now unplayable in this meta because they can’t catch up characters like Sett, Aphelios and Ekko.

Nonetheless, I will say Riot Games has done a good job with the new map changes such as: drakes, the new drake soul requires you to prioritize them in order to get the permanent buffs. Each drake gives you buffs throughout the game which are very helpful and can turn the tides of a losing game into your favor. Each game we now see priority towards the bot side of the map to gain that drake advantage early, it’s easy to snowball with the drake soul which some people is a problem but in my opinion you earned the right to by prioritizing objectives. Overall for a new season, I think it’s been pretty smooth, Riot has made the right decisions when it comes to balancing the game and continues to make the right decisions. The community appreciates this and I hear all the feedback all the time while playing.

Speaking of the community, I’ve had the chance to play and meet some super cool people. They all have offered insight on their opinions of the game; overall again I would say it’s mostly positive. Over the past few weeks, I’ve generated a general consensus that there are a few things that ‘bug’ people: – if you excuse the pun – one is the over the top OP characters that have literally zero counters and don’t get nerfed for up to nearly a month. These characters swing games by just being in the game; in a game where rank is the prominent game mode this is a huge issue for the community.

Another thing is the apparent lack of bug fixes straight after a patch is released. For example, Caitlyn had a bug where u could press A and when an enemy is trapped, it would hit them for additional bonus dmg on top of the head-shot dmg and literally one shot in some cases. On the other hand, there are some plus’s; the community loves the new additions similar to me. The new drakes and map changes add an exciting and refreshing experience for us to enjoy, and compete on. They also like how the avg. game now only takes around 25-30 minutes instead of last season when evenly competed teams can fight for up to 35-45mins per game. The lower game time allows us to play more games in a sitting and enjoy the game more by playing with/against different characters.

I hope the League continues to use the community feedback to better their game and our gaming experience, it has one of the largest grossing competitive markets and the following online is huge. With all the new changes Riot keeps making, I can see myself playing it for a long time and still enjoying it; so here’s to more joys and forthcomings! 


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