By Cali KN

Ever wanted that competitive advantage but just couldn’t see yourself spending $150 on a controller? Well look no further, Kontrol Freek has been helping people step up their game for years. What’s better? They are an official XS sponsor, so you can save even more money on a gaming accessory that is totally essential.

For the past 5 years, I have been a KF customer, and they’ve consistently sent me quality products with every order. I’m a tall guy with big hands, and I’m sure individuals in this same scenario can tell you that the Xbox One thumbstick is small and puts a hurting on our thumbs. My advantage with Kontrol Freek isn’t just the immediate improvement in shot accuracy, they also expand the width and height of the thumbstick to provide me maximum comfort to compliment flawless stability.

Kontrol Freek offers a ton of styles and designs that are tailor-made for specific games and playstyles for Xbox and PlayStation (Including older models for Xbox 360 and PS3). I personally like the feel of the Classic Vipers because they are concave like the standard Xbox Controller and don’t require much adjustment. Currently, I’m using the Call of Duty BO4 signature series KF’s which have a unique yet reliable grip on them and a perfect height to give you the confidence to take on almost any gunfight. What is great about Kontrol Freek is they become a natural part of your gaming setup and can be used on any game type comfortably. So don’t get bummed out thinking that game-specific KF’s are only used for that particular game, they just offer a unique advantage while playing that specific game.
To ease your mind, the average pair of KF’s run about 14.99-17.99 which is a steal considering the advantages they offer. Their website is clean and easy to navigate regardless if you are shopping for Xbox or Playstation. Their customer service is outstanding with fast shipping times and quick tracking if you create an account on their website. The best thing is they don’t just offer thumbsticks, they have an entire section of apparel (I grabbed a KF logo T-Shirt for 10 bucks!), extended USB and Ethernet cables, controller care items like wipes and repair kits. So there is a lot of everything to offer the casual and competitive gamer.

So head on over to and see what setup best enhances your game. Be sure to use the code “XILED” at checkout for an additional discount so you can rep what XS leaders and members use to go try-hard without that much try!


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