By Cassie

Very recently Killjoy Network has gone under some development with a new logo. Before, the icon backward K and forwards N is a staple for the community. But with any big brand, individuals may find different variants for that business, called an alternate logo. The Dodgers have a text logo that is on the jerseys and have an LA logo that is on hats; this is the same with KN. Still keeping the older logo available in the store, members and supports can enjoy the newest addition for KN with a fresh new apparel very fitting for a new logo.

The “old” logo:

The new logo:

Feel free to go to to pick up the newest merch XS has dropped for KN members, we know you won’t be sorry for picking them up.  If you have purchased apparel with the new or older logo, feel free to tag  @XiledSyndicate on Twitter or Instagram with the pictures of your newest goodies to get a Retweet, like, and/or follow!

Thank you all for continuing to support XS, and KN!


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