Article By: XGN Wag Wan

First of I want to congratulate KN HYDE 7XS on his promotion to Director in KN. Hyde was here from day one, has worked very hard, and is very happy he has achieved this rank. I cannot wait to see what Hyde will do for XS and KN in the future.

Q: When did you join KN?

A: “Day one is the day I joined.”

Q: Why did you join KN?

A: “Creating the drive to inspire to help people grow as a person and a community. I love meeting new people and gaming out.”

Q: 3 words to describe KN?

A: “Family, inspired, gaming.”

Q: What makes KN a great community?

A: “We are a community of like minded people. We strive to game on and love growing and meeting new people. The leadership is amazing and helps inspire the next generation of gamers to be educated and thrive in today’s gaming society.”

Q: Any advice for new recruits?

A: “If you want to learn and go up ranks, listen to the people above. Leadership has the knowledge to help and assist.”

Q: When you first joined KN What was your first thought about the community?

A: “Super happy with the leadership and the direction it’s going. Happy to assist the growth of members under me creating an amazing environment for members to grow and game out.”

Q: If you could change anything about KN, what would it be and why?

A: “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Q: Is there anyone who has inspired you to become a Director of KN?

A: “I have many inspirations from leaders above and below. Naughty, Bulltrue, Huck ,which is amazing and collecting the information and creating my own twist that is what I have done.”

Q: What rank do you think you will be in 1 year?

A: “I aspire to be the best of what rank I am regardless where I am in a year. I would like to be the rank of Chief Strategy Officer that’s what I would aspire to be.”

Q: What is the hardest part about being a Director?

A: “Always a hard question as every rank has its challenges. It’s up to the individual to have the mentality to push past any wall in front of you.”

There we have it folks! KN HYDE 7XS is now a Director of KN. I cannot wait to see what Hyde is going to do next, and I wish him the best of luck in his XS Career.


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