By: Cassie

Being able to talk to people from KN is a unique experience. Constantly laughing, joking, and having a wonderful time, outside members of KN can expect to have a wonderful game night or time with them. I had the chance to chat with a KN Game XS for a while, he gave his experience and ideologies below.

“What’s your current rank?”
“KN Vice President & XS Co-Owner.”
“How long have you been in KN for?”
“Since created, April 2018. In communities in general, over a decade.”
“Who has inspired you in KN and how?”
“Everything we do is voluntary, and it’s inspirational that we have so many people that share the same passion and objectives that we do.”
“Do you have any advice for up and coming members?”
“Take every lesson you learn from this environment, and apply them to your personal life.”
“What is your goal in KN?”
“While I want KN to reach it’s fullest potential when it comes to XS standards, and in the industry itself. The most important aspect to me is our members constantly to have that family like the environment they can consider a second home. We are a family, and what makes us a family is our structure. We grow together, we fail together, and we learn how to become better at being ourselves from that.”
“If someone wanted to game with you, what would be your favorite games you’re into right now?”
I am bread, let’s play I am Bread, I want to eat toast.”
“What are a few things you would like people to know about you?”
“I am actually a lot younger than most people think I am; I started this at the “squeaker” age 13 years ago. This for me was never about being a business, it was a natural hobby for me, and over the majority of my life has been spent in this environment. Everything you see here originated from a few guys just playing an unreal tournament in 2002 that though making a big clan would be a cool hobby.”
What do you find most challenging at being a member at your rank?”
“Not everyone sees the bigger picture of things, the back and white reality of what’s going on and where we need to be where, what we need to do to get to a certain point without acting emotionally… not seeing the large scale beyond what’s going on in your individual area. At the end of the day, people in this position, we are dealing with more areas than just our respective communities; we are thinking a lot more long term.”
“Tell us something you think other communities don’t know about KN.”
“I think a lot of people don’t know how much history KN has with what led up to what it is today. With where we came from, how much our members and leaders have been through to be to the point where we are.
“How would you describe your community in three words.”
“Constantly moving forward.”

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