Article By: XGN WagWan


First off, I want to congratulate KN BIGG PAPA XS on his Promotion to CPO over in KN. BIGG PAPA Joined KN on day one, and has always been there. He quickly earned Board of Directors and is now the Chief Performance Officer in KN.

When did you join KN?

Answer: “I have been here since day one, so that is 2018.”

What did you think of KN when you joined?

Answer: “I thought this had high potential to build.”

Any Advice for new recruits?

Answer: “If you want to go far, you need to listen to the people who have achieved the ranks. They did not get chosen for no reason, there is a reason they got chosen for that rank.”

What is the hardest part about being a CPO?

Answer: “Living up to the highest expectation. I mean that is for all ranks, and everyone sees you at the rank and they got to cross that rank.”

Why did you join KN?

Answer: “I had been mia for a year and a half, and they needed someone who can build, and I told everyone I will build.”

What achievements or accolades have you earned here?

Answer: “I haven’t really achieved much in KN. However in KSI, I achieved everything. I was a Hall of fame and a co-creator, I have built multiple divisions, and have mentored many leaders in KSI.”

If you could change anything about KN, what would it be?

Answer: “I don’t believe I would change anything about KN.”

Who do you think recommend you for a XS Spotlight?

Answer: “I really don’t know, it could be anyone.”

Again, congratulations to KN BIGG PAPA XS on his promotion to Chief Performance Officer in KN. I can not wait to see what KN BIGG PAPA XS will do in the near future.


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