By XGN Oreo 7

Do you sometimes have issues with other companies websites? Well, it’s your lucky day as I am going to be going over and explaining the KontrolFreek “Buyers Guide”! Those of you who do you not know, KontrolFreek has a guide on their website to help gamers like us find what we are looking for just by asking us a couple questions about what we like.


KontrolFreek is an accessory based company that supplies to gamers worldwide with console and gaming add-ons. They sell many products including; Thumbstick Grip Pads, Controller Skins, Desktop Trail Lights and lots more. Go and have a look now at which will instantly add on the Xiled Syndicate 10% discount!


Let’s get back to business and discuss the KF “Buyers Guide”. When you first get onto the KontrolFreek website there will be a tab at the top which will take you straight to their website personal help guide! The first question you will get asked is “What types of games are you looking to enhance?” the answers they supply are in a multiple choice format. Here are some of the answers to choose from; Sports, Shooters and Racing.


They then go into a more personal based question, “What best describes your gameplay style?”, which helps the website determine if you’re a casual, competitive or even a more specific type of gamer! Here in Xiled Syndicate, we have many gamers who enjoy different types of gameplay including casual whereas others would rather play single player based games, then there’s the small number of gamers who enjoy Roblox.


The next questions mainly aim to figure out what you aim to improve, how you hold your controller and of course the most important question, “What console do you play on?” When you fill out every question the best you can the guide will start processing and picking products from their store which will help you the most! Just before this happens the website will check if you are logged into a KF account, this way they can keep the information you gave attached to your account so when you return the products you see will be perfect for what you are looking for!


That’s it! This guide that KontrolFreek has provided for their customers will definitely help everyone find what they’re looking for! I do hope this article helps all of you understand how this guide will help all of us as well a little sneak peek on what to expect!


Remember to go to the link to get the 10% discount! If that doesn’t work just code “XILED” at check out!



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