By Cassie

There are a lot of reasons to join BGL and TXO, but is hard to join if you don’t know anything about them. So you’re at the right place!

BGL, created July 27th, 2017, has been building ever since. Having ups and downs, BGL wouldn’t be where it’s at without the president The King of BGL (otherwise known as BGL Caliber XS). Since joining BGL, the dedication of Caliber and his members have been remarkable. BGL has apparel and sponsors with the help of XS and other determination to make BGL the best they can be every single day for people 14+

TXO, opened January 1st, 2019, is a sister community from XGN run by TXO VIRTUS VII. With recent help from XGN, they now have over 500 people and are growing every single day. While constantly striving to be the next biggest gaming community out there, members and future and be sure they have the best experience possible whether that be on Xbox or PC for individuals 16+

If this hasn’t made you want to join then I have some reasons below of why you should join BGL or TXO.

  1. Family: As soon as you join BGL or TXO, you can feel as if it’s one big family. People know, help build, and gaming with each other every day, and of course people end up as close friends. It’s easy to find someone who you could be close with here as there are hundreds of people between the two communities.
  2. Fun: Both communities participate in XS tournaments and have their own community events from time to time. In addition to game nights, it’s almost impossible to have fun.
  3. Discounts: While having various discounts with our own store at being given out consistently, BGL and TXO do have sponsorships through XS making it easier to make gaming affordable. The XS’ sponsors are, OPSeat, Kontrol Freek, G2A, Konsole Kingz, Airdropcrates, and Aporia.
  4. News: BGL and TXO, being affiliated with XS, XS has a news team in which members and non-members and enjoy frequent updates about games or XS refreshing community news.

With many more reasons to join TXO and BGL, the possibilities are endless on what members can enjoy and have fun with. If you aren’t a member of TXO or BGL, and would like to join, please go to  and fill out an application today!


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