By Cassie

Are you interested in streaming on Twitch or building the Xiled Syndicate channel and yours while you also get more experience underneath your belt? That’s great, we have something you’re looking for!

The XS Media Department is actively looking for individuals who stream and are in XS. To be able to be qualified for this position, the Chief of Productions, TXO MR SANDY 7 has some prerequisites for the individuals who are interested in this position.

  1. Must be 18 years or older,
  2. Must have at least 100 followers,
  3. Must use some type of software other than Xbox stream services,
  4. Must have some type of capture card,
  5. Must be willing to working with a team,
  6. Must have experience with some type of leadership position in XS.
  7. Must have a PC.

If you meet these requirements and are eager to be the head of Twitch, please message Mr Sandy on Discord:


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