Is Valorant a MOBA?

What is valorant?

Everything we know about Riot’s shooter League of Legends developer Riot Games has been hard at work on its next desktop-exclusive multiplayer game, Valorant. In addition to being Riot’s first foray into shooters, Valorant mashes elements from similar games to create a unique experience.

What are the different game modes in valorant?

The only Valorant game modes right now are the CS:GO- like Search and Destroy mode and the Spike Rush mode. The Valorant development team is on record saying they’re open to exploring other game modes. How many maps and Agents are there? As a tactical shooter game, Valorant has no shortage of battlegrounds and characters to choose from.

How many agents are there in valorant?

There are 20 agents in Valorant. The most recent agent, Harbor, was released on October 18th.

Does valorant have loot boxes?

Riot Games confirmed that Valorant won’t have any loot boxes. Players can purchase gun cosmetics — Agent cosmetics are still up in the air — but they’ll be distributed through a store, not through loot boxes. If you want to buy a bunch of skins at once, the store also has packs that bundle skins based around a central theme.

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