Is CS bigger than Valorant?

In terms of active average player count, CS:GO can boast of having more than twice the amount of players that Valorant currently has.

What game is bigger Valorant or CSGO?

VALORANT: Player Count vs Overwatch And CS:GO In terms of population, according to, VALORANT hasn’t quite reached the absolute monstrosity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which has been a monolith of the genre.

Is CS or Valorant better?

While CSGO may take the cake when it comes to mechanics, VALORANT has much more to depth and a lot more to learn.

Is CS harder than Valorant?

Is Valorant easy? Valorant is likely easier to pick up than rival FPS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but it’s still hard to master. It may even be harder than CSGO, depending on your perspective. CSGO is more difficult than Valorant when it comes to the basics.

How does valorant compare to CSGO?

Unlike CSGO, Valorant managed to provide 128-tick servers to facilitate gameplay as smooth as possible. And this could be one of the game’s main selling points, especially if you wish to compete. Furthermore, Valorant promises a bullet-proof, anti-cheat framework. Again, this is something Valve failed to effectively establish for CSGO.

Why is valorant so popular?

Valorant has been a pretty big success in esports since it launched. The game takes some aspects of hero shooters, but its core gameplay is very recognizably tied to CSGO. The title shares a lot of qualities with CS GO and the gunplay, in particular, can feel particularly similar.

Is valorant an FPS worth playing?

In the end, Valorant is an FPS well-worth your time. The game does take cues from CSGO, but neither game can be proclaimed as the ultimate winner of the multi-player FPS genre. And remember, Counter-Strike has years of development behind the game, and Valorant is yet to earn its stars.

What makes one valorant map better than the other?

There might be no real answer here, but here are 5 things that each game does better than the other. Each VALORANT map has unique elements that add to its gameplay. Some maps have destructible doors and panels that that add a tactical dynamic to the game.

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