Article By: Jessi 7XS

As our first day into 2020 comes almost to a close, I am proud that we get to celebrate the first anniversary of The Xiled Ones!

On January 1st, 2019 the Xiled Gaming Network Divisions of Victory Is Imminent, Xiled Legends, and Xiled Kingz, along with the Leadership of Xiled Bree, Throttl3, Towlie, and Virtus, took the leap to begin a new community. The Xiled Ones, or TXO for short, was the first sister community to be created from Xiled Gaming Network. XGN being a long standing community of tradition, family, hard work, and of course fun in gaming.

A year has now passed, and it has been a long road full of ups, downs, laughs, and major triumphs. Here we are on January 1st, 2020 and we are now able to celebrate the very first anniversary of The Xiled Ones. The TXO Board of Directors in their tenure as Senior Leadership within the community, have mentored and brought up some fantastic leadership to help make the community what it is today.

With this anniversary, I am proud that I am able to share with you a fantastic announcement from TXO VIRTUS XIX himself. The Xiled Ones has created and made its first round of inductees to the TXO Hall of Fame!

As many of you know, the Hall of Fame, is saved for those members who complete outstanding work within their community. Members who have shown great leadership, ideas that are implemented for the growth of the community, as well as mentor-ship for fellow members of the community.

Please join me in congratulating The Xiled Ones Board of Directors and the following TXO Hall of Fame inductees on their hard work and dedication to their community on their 1st anniversary.

From the division Victory Is Imminent:  
– TXO Spence VII
– TXO Noob 7XS
– TXO Demon 7XS

From the division Xiled Legends:
– TXO DaBeast VII
– TXO | MarSBarZ 7XS

From the division Xiled Kingz:
– TXO Final 7
– TXO Judge 7

From Senior Leadership:
– TXO Triple 7XS

The TXO Board of Directors:
– Xiled Bree XIX
– TXO Throttl3 7XS XIX
– TXO Towlie XIX

Congratulations to all of the first ever TXO Hall of Fame inductees, and congratulations to The Xiled Ones! Thank you for showing us all in Xiled Syndicate what hard work, togetherness, and dedication will do. Keep up the great work, as we all look forward to great things from you in the future!


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