• Xiled Syndicate Training Guide
  • Official Xiled Syndicate Training Guide 2021

    (RED statements are to be read aloud. Blue are instructions to follow. )

    Welcome to Xiled Syndicate

    We’re so glad to have you interested in joining our community



    1. Ask the recruit if they have been in any other community. If they have, please direct them to the ‘Ex-Blacklisted Clan or Other Community’ subforum of the clan Court Area of the Forums (Human Resources Division) and request that they fill out the form there to be granted instatement into the community.
    2. Ask the date of the recruit’s birth (Day, Month, Year). Do NOT ask their age, do the math yourself to ensure validity. (The recruit must be 16 for adult division)
    3. The recruit must have a mic.
    4. The recruit must either already have or be willing to download Discord onto their computer, mobile device, or utilize the app through XBOX.
    5. No one is to be recruited with another community in their gamertag. excluding Professional Organizations the potential new member is a "fan" of i.e: FaZe, OpTic, nV, MLG

    If the recruit meets ALL of the above requirements, 
    you may continue with the recruitment process below.

    Please go to Forums.XiledSyndicate.com and click Sign Up (It’s right below the words ‘Sign In’). Make sure that the email they use is one they have immediate access to.

    • Your Display Name should match your Gamertag, PSN ID, or Steam Name.
    • Select the rank of Member.
    • Your division will be (Insert Division Name)
    • Check your email for a validation link or wait for Admin approval. If you’re having problems finding the email, make sure you check your spam folder.

            While they wait for the email or Admin approval, take advantage of the time to go over some general information about the community and discord server.
    Send them a link to join the official Xiled Syndicate Discord server as well as the XGN Discord Server. Joining both servers is MANDATORY to join XS.


    Basic Information

    • Everything is voluntary, we offer a high level of respect to everyone for what they do to keep the community running. Additionally, no member is forced to change their Gamertag to reflect their community unless they choose to.
    • Xiled Gaming Network is the community hub for all types of gamers. We have a lot to offer each and every one of our members. When you receive an invite to the discord server please take some time to look through all our sponsors and affiliates and find what interests you.



    Though in Xiled Syndicate we have a set of rules and policies we uphold, there are two specific rules we would like to go over, known as our two Bylaws.

    1. Respect ALL Gamers
    2. Leave No Man Behind


    Social Media

    Are you familiar with any of the various forms of popular social media (primarily including, but not limited to, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube)?

    Present the recruit all the links to the XS Social Media Platforms and inform them that it is not a requirement to follow/subscribe but it is highly encouraged.

    Following are the links to our Social Media Platforms:

    1. http://twitter.com/XiledSyndicate
    2. http://instagram.com/XiledSyndicate
    3. http://facebook.com/XiledSyndicate
    4. http://twitch.tv/XiledSyndicate
    5. http://youtube.com/c/XiledSyndicate

    Also Present any Divisional social media links for your division.

    We also encourage, but not require all Members to help support our community by putting our discord server link in their bio or where applicable on all supported platforms. (i.e. Xbox, PSN, Steam, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, …etc).


    What to do

    There are many ways in which members can have fun and enjoy the communities within Xiled Syndicate. Here are a few examples:

    1. Attending Game Nights - Game Nights are like a group gaming session with other members where the only goal is to have fun playing the games we all love. Game Nights are a great way to get to know others in the community and have fun at the same time
    2. Becoming Staff - Xiled Syndicate is always looking for new, quality members interested in becoming staff and working alongside us to build the community and help with the organization. Please inform a member of staff if you are interested.
    3. Attending Meetings - Our meetings are at (state meeting times). Attendance at these meetings is important as it gets out important information throughout the community such as events and alerts. Meetings are also a great opportunity to meet other members.
    4. Attending Workshops - Workshops are educational talks that teach members about various skills and aspects of the community.

    Have the recruit go to their email, verify their membership, and log into the forums. 
    Tell the member about Upper-Divisional teams and their purpose within the community.
    Provide a link to the XS Code of Conduct and Policies.


    When you have a chance, please take the time to read over our Code of Conduct and Policies so you, as a member, are better able to take advantage of what the community has to offer as a whole, get a jumpstart on how it is run, and what rules, ethics, and morality we uphold as a community.

    Play with them and introduce them to other members so they will begin to amass a pool of individuals to play with.