Hey everyone! My names Jake. I’ve been a part of XGN since 2010, and a co-owner of Xiled Syndicate since January of 2019. Over the years, we’ve adapted in the face of change, improvised in every new situation, and overcame every challenge that presented itself to us. I’m here today to introduce a new era of gaming communities. An era where you, the member can have the opportunity to be what you want to be. We offer everything from journalism to media, marketing, art, and more. I’d like to announce the first ever Xiled Syndicate Fundraiser. I have had 200 Limited Edition keychains created with our logo, and our message to you. All proceeds will go directly to product production and member benefits. Anyone can donate any amount, but due to the exclusivity of the keychains, we will be giving one out to the first 200 donors to donate $15 or more. We appreciate your support, your membership, and all that you do for this organization.

All the Love ―Jake and the XS Team

Xiled Syndicate leadership has been operating and maintaining gaming communities for the betterment of the last decade. As time continues the cost of survival in our genre has risen. Between paying for our Dedicated Hosting, DDoS Protection, Security Features, and our 24/7 Server Support Team it’s become difficult for the few to pay the upkeep and be able to focus on evolving.

Your contribution of $15 or more will help Xiled Syndicate focus on developing products and technology that will assist our organization in becoming self-sufficient. In 2019 we’re in an age of decreasing forum activity, this is due to the lack of a mobile application. Long-term XS must dive into the mobile application scene and expand our forums to support all the current features, users, posts and more.. Combing our core with features from popular app “Discord”, XS will become self-sustainable. 100% of these proceeds will go to furthering our business operations in hopes of providing a better experience to the masses. 15 may not seem like much but if the majority pitches in what they can, we’ll be in a really good place.

Xiled Syndicate Leadership and Staff have done extensive research on what it is we will need to develop our own tech and inventions, and it’s a lot. However, step 1 of this process will cost us about $3500. Once we reach this goal it will allow us to make the appropriate moves to further our existence.

Your contribution should be with the intentions of assisting an organization that puts a lot of time into better the experience of thousands of players. please do not donate for the intent of pride or just for what you will receive back, this is for the die-hards. Below you will see an image of the ULTRA RARE collectible XS Supporter Keychain, every member that donates at least $15.00 will receive one of these!

Again thank you for donating and choosing to support our communities, together we’ll make the online environment a much better place.


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