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Most people may have noticed that Fortnite had a mid-season update recently. In the v8.20 update, Epic Games has finally created a ranked game mode, the Arena. This new game mode allows players to be ranked based on their skill level and eventually compete for cash prizes. The upside to this new mode is that it is a permanent game mode. Players can play either in solo or duos and are placed into the first of 7 divisions.
The divisions are divided into 3 categories:
  • Divisions 1 through 3 are labeled as the Open League,
  • Divisions 4 through 6 are the Contender League,
  • Division 7 is the Champion League.

The players can rank up into each division buy earning points from their eliminations and where they end in your match. The point system is referred to as “Hype”. The more Hype the player earns, the higher they rank up.

For solo players, they are awarded:
  • 1 Hype for each elimination,
  • 2 Hype for reaching top 15 and 5,
  • 3 Hype for reaching the top 25 or winning the match.

As for the Duo players:

  • Each player is awarded 1 Hype for each elimination,
  • 2 Hype for reaching top 7 and top 3,
  • 3 Hype for reaching top 12 and winning the match.

A “bus fare” has also been added into the game mode. Based on the division the player is playing in, the player will be charged a set amount of Hype to be able to play the match.

Once a player qualifies for the Champion League, the player is then able to compete for a chance to play in the Fortnite World Cup and compete for a cash prize. The Online Open Semi-Finals will be available to players that qualify on Saturdays. The player will have a time frame of 3 hours to earn as many Hype as the player is able within 10 matches, the top 3,000 players are then able to compete on the Online Open Finals on Sunday’s. The process will be the same, in which, the player has 3 hours to play 10 matches and earn as much Hype as they can. The top players from each week will be able to compete in the Fortnite World Cup held in New York City: The World Cup will be held July 26th through July 28th.
This mode is good for the players that have been itching for a way to go competitive in the game. Even if a player does not wish to compete on a professional level, it definitely helps players get placed into matches where mostly everyone is the same skill level. So what are you waiting for? Squad up!



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