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Nineteen years ago we were introduced to what has become the latest craze, Animal Crossing. Developed by Nintendo in 2001, Animal Crossing is a social simulation game where players live in a village inhabited by animals with anthropomorphic traits. In this virtual world players take part in many activities such as fossil hunting and even more popular, fishing.

One of the most notable aspects of this game, is that the game itself uses the internal clock and calendar of the console to simulate real time. Animal Crossing is also an open-ended game; with no defined objectives, players are free to roam the village to plant, socialize, and collect items.

Released in March 2020 for Nintendo Switch, we were brought the 5th installment in the series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Much like previous titles, you again come to find yourself on an island where in the same fashion, you explore the island while developing it into the community it becomes. Bringing a key feature from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, in New Horizons players can use materials to create tools and furniture.

For the first time in the Animal Crossing series, the weather in game adjusts to the seasons of either the Northern or Southern hemisphere depending on where the player’s real location is. On top of this, Horizons will also feature a new photo feature in addition to the screenshot feature and give the option of filters.

Players will be able to earn Nook Miles, a currency that will be earned completing various tasks. Once you earn enough, they can be used to purchase premium items. Some of these premium items include; tool ring, tool recipes, Nook Miles Ticket, hairstyles, and hair colors.

Sales for AC:NH went through the roof on launch day in Japan, even breaking the record that was held by Pokemon Sword and Shield for the biggest Switch game debut in that region. In North America, it became the best selling game of March 2020, and second best selling game of 2020 so far. It has even passed lifetime sales of all previous Animal Crossing titles!

Where Corona has pretty much uprooted everyone’s lives for the time being, we all need a distraction and Animal Crossing New Horizons is that distraction. Get away from reality for a little while with 7 of your friends online, since ya know….the whole lock down thing. But when we get to go back to normal life, invite 3 of your friends over for an Animal Crossing party!

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