By: TXO Inverse

Many players who have launched into the tower or other areas of the world in Destiny 2 have come face to face with the newest season: The Season of the Drifter. What events have been released with the March 15th update and what is to come?

The biggest event released on day one: Gambit Prime. An advanced form of Gambit, players must gather 100 Motes of Light over a single round. Far more competitive than its predecessor, this game mode has the potential yield some impressive loot. In addition to this, we were introduced to The Reckoning; a game type styled much like Escalation Protocol, The Blind Well, and The Forges. Tiers II and III have recently been released.

The main meat and potatoes of this expansion, however, is the new allegiance quest. This quest offers the chance to choose between the path of the Drifter or the path of the Vanguard. To side with the Drifter is to turn against the Vanguard while to side with the Vanguard is to undermine the Drifter. The faction you choose decides your quest chain, and, as a result, the rewards you can attain.

Perhaps the biggest buzz of this season is the return of the Thorn; a famous, or infamous, weapon depending on the eye of the beholder. On March 12th, players with the Annual Pass were given the chance to locate and begin a quest chain to unlock the exotic hand cannon.

The next bit of news we have involves The Nine. For nine weeks, Xur will sell a quest to speak to The Nine after an objective is met. Upon completion, The Emissary meets with you and goes into details about her past as well as that of The Nine; furthering our knowledge of the Destiny lore and even offering some pretty sweet loot for our troubles.

There are still two major events yet to come. The first is Arc Week. My hypothesis is that it will involve Arc energy in missions or item drops. The last event of the season points to a new holiday event: The Revelry. Though I am unsure what content will be dropping with this event, if it is like the other events, we can expect new content in the tower for a limited time along with new engrams for, everyone’s favorite, Tess Everis.


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