By Dovahkin

XGN’s mobile division, Damaged Chaos, is already bringing in the big bucks. Division Leader, XGN DaddySalty, reports that he is very proud of his Divisions recent victory in a war league that they took part in. This league war took place in the hit game Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is a strategy game where you train troops to fight against enemies in order to collect loot, then train even more troops to defend that loot from other player’s who wish to take it from you. The next step on this train of fun is the choice to train even more troops to attack other bases and steal the loot they have to offer, like preemptive defense.

This leads to the concept of wars, in which the league DC won. These “wars” are epic conflicts fought between clans or communities. Wars are fought in two phases each lasting a day. there is “Preparation Day” and “Battle Day”. During Preparation Day, the community is to prepare their defenses and get ready for the battle that is coming their way. Then there is Battle Day, also what it sounds like. Normal wars are just your clan against one other clan, while war league is your clan and up to 7 other clans. The concept of XGN participating in Clash of Clans predates the mobile division. XGN Aaron made a clan in the game, just for fun, and when the mobile division came round XS members began joining the clan. After a while, they started a war league and fought in it bravely with their 15 members. They fought against 7 other clans, therefore fighting 7 wars; they won all of their wars.

Winning makes all of DC very proud, along with the rest of the XS News Team. DC is still new and already making wonderful strides for the future of its division. 



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