By Cassie

I got the pleasure of talking to the Division and Co-Division Leader of the newly opened Mobile division for XGN! Talking to my old friend XGN DaddySalty (Division Leader), and a new one XGN PapaDabs (Co-Division Leader), I got an inside scoop on the ways they are adapting to the new ways of doing things on the mobile side.

Q: What made you want to start a mobile division within XGN?

A: “Since the 16th of October, I saw the Mobile scene as a new frontier for XGN’s expansion. My plans for a Mobile division within XGN started as a vision and with the help of my Co-Division leader, XGN PapaDabs and our 1LT XGN Oscar, we made it a reality.” – XGN DaddySalty

Q: What is the mobile division’s name?

A: “Damaged Chaos.” – XGN DaddySalty

Q: Isn’t that an old division name on the 360?

A: “Yes, it is actually my first ever Division that I was recruited into when I first joined.” – XGN DaddySalty

Q: That’s interesting, tell us about your past experience in XGN so XS knows a little more about you!

A: “Oh boy, where do I start? I’ve been apart of the XGN community since roughly 2013, my first ever squad that I was recruited into was Templars DC; the person who recruited me was actually the general of the squad at the time… My first week there I must’ve recruited 16-20 people. I got promoted to SSG by my first meeting and was a MSG shortly after. My Old Division Leader, XGN Kitana 7, noticed the hard work that I was doing and she allowed me to take my LT test and CPT test back to back because she wanted to see me split the squad. When I finally got to MAJ and had the squad at about 80 members, they transferred in another Major and gave her General of my squad. Her squad died in her division so she wanted to rename Templars to her old squad’s name which was Delirium… I then built up Delirium again and split into and made my first squad Ascend… That’s my Back-story of my first ever Division in XGN.” – XGN DaddySalty

Q: What is the game, or games, your division is centered around?

A: “Our Mobile division currently plays, PUBGM, Clash of Clans, C-Ops Mobile, Legends: Bang Bang, and Game of War BrawlStars. We are always looking for more games to add to our list!” – XGN DaddySalty

Q: How many people do you have in the mobile division so far?

A: “Damaged Chaos is currently sitting at 44 members. We have 19 members in our NA squad Delirium, we have 11 members in our Asia squad Oblivion, and we have 14 members in our EU squad Templars.” – XGN DaddySalty

Q: How do you talk to be who are in Asia?

A: “We work past it, there are 3 main people in that squad that we chat with that speak decent English.” – XGN DaddySalty

Q: Is it harder to recruit on mobile versus Xbox?

A: “In some cases, a lot of the community is involved with discord so it’s pretty easy to recruit there. We actually have our own public discord for general advertisements, public announcements regarding our competitive team, and just interacting with the community. Although most people tend to already be in clans, we do still get around 2-5 people applying a day using our bot system. We do have issues in one way, with the game having a ranking system lots of people don’t like playing with randoms at all. Again with a lot of the community being on discord typically we never have to just play with strangers, so compared to Xbox we don’t recruit people from in game at all. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s harder to recruit.” -XGN PapaDabs

Q: What are some differences to Xbox, PC, or PS4, with recruiting, training, and setting up their information versus on mobile?

A: “When it comes to setting up information regarding uniform and such we really can’t use in game or some overall system like Xbox, PS4, and PC have. We actually haven’t figured out how we’re going to do that. Personally, I think using the bio on our forums accounts will probably be the best option as of now… When it comes to training, the in-game communication isn’t the best in PUBG so we use discord. We’ll make discord groups with the new recruit and invite anyone looking to sit-in during the train-in. Once the train-in is done we’ll go ahead and send them a link to the private discord.” -XGN PapaDabs


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