We are introducing a new program to Xiled Syndicate called Community of the Week. Think House Cup from Harry Potter (Yes we’re nerds!)

Each week the clan with the highest percentage of growth/recruitment will be awarded Community of the Week. Community of the week Perks receive a focused news article that will be posted on the website and on XS social media accounts. The XS Twitter And Discord will display a custom profile picture showcasing the COTW along with the respected community header of the winning division.
We decided to base the award off overall percentage to create a fair environment for all XS communities with some being newer than others. The first winner of this award is KN (Killjoy Network) who had an impressive week in recruiting and growth so congrats to KN and look for your logo on the XS Twitter all week long! We are super excited to see who is up to the challenge to be next weeks Community of the Week, keep up the great work and LLXS!

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