Article By: Jessi 7XS

We all know very well, that things aren’t always perfect or go as planned. For example; I’ve been talking about taking vacation from work recently, but a 2 month forced layoff because of COVID was NOT what I asked for. In our own eyes, we all want the perfect community; no issues, no drama, things running smoothly, and everyone getting along.

Unfortunately this is not the perfect world, there are people out there that are vindictive, want revenge because they believe they are in the right even when they were in the wrong. For those reasons, we encounter things like hacking, poaching, blackmailing. We want our communities to be a place where people can enjoy themselves, make friends, and enjoy gaming.

Luckily for the members of our communities, we have strong leadership that helps to keep our community a safe place for gamers. This safety all begins with community security. It all begins in the recruitment process. When we recruit a gamer, we want to make sure that they are in fact, an active gamer. This is why we have the few beginning requirements for a new recruit to the community;

– Must have a microphone
– Must be at least age 15
– Must have a gamer score of 1000

But this is just a start, the real security comes before the member is officially trained in. We ask the recruit if they have been in any other gaming communities in the most recent time frame. We find out what that community is, and we cross check that against our Blacklist. We also check their friends list, cross checking that as well, to make sure they do not have any blacklisted players on their list that could be a potential threat to our community.

As you know, the Blacklist is a list of gamers or gaming communities that have been credible threats to our community. Recently as we all know, the leadership of Xiled Syndicate has changed the Blacklisting format to only blacklist gamers or communities who have broken real life laws or done illegal acts including;

– Poaching
– Harassment (including sexual)
– Threats of Violence (credible)
– Information Technology Sabotage
– Stalking
– Felonious Activity

Security isn’t just a one time check though, it needs to be done on a consistent basis. I’ve had the chance to speak to a couple leaders from the different XS communities to hear how they handle security within their communities.

“Use of alternate accounts. Most alternate accounts have a series of numbers that follow a name. However others are names that have meaning behind them. It starts with background checks and activity checks in their activity feed. It’s impossible to prevent this 100%. So right now the only recruits we are taking are ones we pick up in game play or from apps. When a player is proven to be a threat they are blocked on all platforms and accounts and all access is removed.” – BGL Lucky 7XS, BGL Chief of Operations

“In GoD we keep our security pretty tight. We have a channel in our Discord for people that are recommended to be blocked for the safety of GoD. We also have some restrictions on who can send invites to the Discord server. This helps prevent alt Discord accounts from joining / being raided. The gaming community scene has changed a lot over the years, however in GoD we try to keep our members as safe as possible.” – XGN Ellie 7, XGN Game or Die Co-Founder

“Well security for me isn’t just in KN, and it doesn’t stick with the rank of CTO alone. Security on the daily I use all tools to my disposal; CMS, Forums, and Discord. The easiest way I can ensure security is where I see an area where security is lacking. I seek ways to improve it. If it’s preventing security risk people from joining I pass down my knowledge based on the observed situation. Such as while recruiting; do it from game lobbies of randoms. If a random seems to have a clan tag, avoid sending them a recruitment message, as this is how we get burned a good deal. As a CTO I help design and suggest better security methods used to buffer new people coming in long enough to ensure they are here to game and be a peaceful part of the community in our Discord. I also make sure as best I can our Moderators and Div Staff for the Discord have all they need to handle security issues as they see fit, while holding them accountable for their mistakes (which aren’t many at all).” – KN N3XUS 7, KN CTO

“The steps I will take are talking with my fellow leaders right away, then we will decide how to approach it. If I can’t get advice from any leaders that are online, I will put a halt to recruiting until the security threat is handled. Then if the threat is inside the community, I would personally Security Check every single member from CPL to the top right away. If we had over 100 members, I would still help with Security Checks and try and handle the threat with haste, and the proper way. If another community asked me to help them with a security threat, I would follow their steps and help them like I would for OTO. XS is my family too, and therefore like OTO, we protect family and are there for each other.” – OTO Sesshomaru 7, OTO Vice President of Operations & Division Leader of Forsaken Dynasty

“As a Co-Div in XK, I work with my Division Staff to protect my members by ensuring they are happy with their squad. The happier they are, the more they tend to play with people from the squad and not an outside source. I also make sure they have the newest information possible. The more you know the better you can stay protected. I have my Division Staff regularly host workshops to keep them in the know. We also keep a PDF of all Blacklisted individuals on our Discord so they have it more accessible. We promote a drama free environment to make our members want to bring more people they meet into our family of TXO.” – TXO Judge XIX, TXO Xiled Kingz Co-Division Leader

The biggest thing to take from this my friends, that even though we don’t want any drama or bull****, sadly there are people out there that want to take that away from us. Just remember to keep your composure, don’t lash out and cause those people to retaliate against you or your community in the wrong way. Take cues from the various leadership within XS, and you’ll be able to help better keep your own squad and division secure. 

Remember, if you ever have any immediate concerns, make sure you contact your direct leadership by following the chain of command. As always; have fun, make new friends, and stay safe.


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