Community of the Week: TXOArticle By: Jessi 7 XS & FGN Empress VII

In September of 2018, the brightest minds of Xiled Gaming Network’s Devil’s Rejects division came together and created a new Xbox One division, Victory Is Imminent. VII along with another strong XGN division, Xiled Legends, came together to create The Xiled Ones.

In January of 2019 when the gaming world was introduced to the creation of Xiled Syndicate, we were also officially introduced to the launch of TXO, The Xiled Ones. TXO Breezy VII, formerly the XGN Chief of Staff, had become part of The Xiled Ones leadership as CoS, alongside TXO Virtus XS, who holds position of TXO Chief of Operations.

FGN Empress VII recently had the chance to interview TXO Virtus XS. She talked to him about The Xiled Ones, their recent growth, and their goals for the future.

E: How many members have you grown by?

V: “We had 49 recruits last week between our 3 divisions.”

E: What were some challenges TXO faced in order to reach this growth?

V: “Maintaining recruiting motivation at a consistent rate throughout the stages of growth a new community faces can be super difficult. Our members have banded together to work through the slow stages, building each other up in addition to their numbers.”

E: What are some accomplishments that TXO has achieved since the growth?

V: “TXO as a whole has done an amazing job encouraging a relaxed, while continuing to meet the standard, environment. An environment in which members feel they have time to discover the goals they wish to achieve, and develop a plan to accomplish them. I believe the environment they create will be the starting point on which they distinguish themselves from the other communities.”

E: Is there anything you’d like to let all of XS know about TXO?

V: “We enjoy being chill, but everything we do is to become stronger. Whether it’s recruiting, gaming, or leadership development, we give it our best.”

E: What are your future goals for the continuation of the growth within the community?

V: “Our short term goal is to pass the 1k member mark. By the time our first anniversary rolls around this upcoming January, I believe 1,500 will be a very reasonable goal to shoot for.”

E: Are there any thoughts or advice you’d like to leave us with?

V: “Slow times are going to hit every squad at one point or another. Those times are where new leaders are forged, and first steps are taken in order to encourage squad mates and really make a push to climb out of that slump. It is so important to band together for that purpose but often times it requires a nudge from those potential leaders to get it started. When you notice those new leaders taking those steps, take the time to encourage them and help them form their understanding of leadership. If it is your peer that is stepping forward for that purpose, join with them and assist as best you can for the sake of your squad. A strong team mindset will promote an environment your entire division can count on and overall make the time you spend here in XS extremely satisfying. We all ride under the same banner, but the feeling of being a member of a team starts in your home squad and division.”

I wanted to get some perspective from a couple of TXO members as well. I had the chance to talk with XGN Uncle Ky TXO T4H VII 1LT and TXO Neck 7 TXO XL FNDR.

J: What was your reaction to learning that TXO was Community of the Week?
N: “About time! We’ve BEEN on this grind.”
UK: “I wasn’t surprised if ill be completely honest, I saw lots of T4H’s staff bust their ass and saw lots of other squads also in high gear so I had high hopes that TXO would achieve something like community of the week.”

J: What was your initial thought when joining TXO?
UK: “I was firstly a little conflicted since VII was an XGN division, and it’s a place I considered home. But I soon came to grow more comfortable over time.”

J: What was it like for you to transition from XGN to TXO?
N: “At first I was a little apprehensive about it. I was a part of XGN for almost 5 years (1 month shy of my 5 year). Being in the PC division was tough because there were a lot less of us than the rest of XGN. But now that we are with TXO we make up a bigger portion of the members. The transition was smooth and now I feel even more connected to Xiled Syndicate as a whole.”

J: Did you ever see yourself at the rank you are now?
UK: “I do yeah. I used to be a General for a while actually. But I needed to step back and get some things in my life sorted before coming back to the ranks.”

J: What has been one of the toughest things you’ve overcome in helping TXO grow the way it has?
N: “The hardest part has been keeping everyone focused on growing. We definitely take the time to have fun, mess around, and game when we can. But reeling it back into the serious stuff like keeping activity up and growth at a maximum has been a struggle. I’d say we’ve got a good balance going!”

J: What does being a TXO member mean to you?
UK: “TXO is a place I feel I can go to when I have nowhere else to go. They are my family and my friends.”
N: “Being a TXO member is honestly one of the best and most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I love being able to impact people’s lives and help them; TXO has allowed me to do that. I’m grateful for all the friendships I’ve made and for everyone believing in me as I’ve believed in them; it’s truly been an honor.”

J: What is your hope for the future of TXO?
N: “For TXO I see us continuing to grow and eventually become a household name. People see XGN in a game they mention it (sometimes in a negative way but still). I hope to see TXO start to be mentioned all around the Gaming Community.”

J: What do you see for yourself in your future in TXO?
UK: “I want to try and be who I once was, a really inspirational leader.”
N: “As for me, I plan to work my way up to lead this fine division (and go beyond) that I call home (XL) and continue to help TXO grow and be a great place to be for everyone.”

From a great leader, to members who are working hard to become leaders, The Xiled Ones has taken shape to be a great community to call home. In just 7 short months the growth that TXO has seen not only in terms of membership, but of the morale of their current members. With the leadership of the TXO Board of Directors, and the leadership at Division and Squad level, the members and future of TXO have endless possibilities.

Congratulations The Xiled Ones, on becoming XS’ Community of the Week. You have all worked very hard to get your community to where it is today, and clearly it’s paid off big time! Keep up the great work and keep grinding. 


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