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Community of the Week was started in July 2019. The goal: to showcase the communities in Xiled Syndicate that have had the most growth each week. This creates a morale booster within the communities with those members, to show that their hard work is paying off.

This week hard work has surely paid off for XS’ newest partner, New Guardian Society. I had the chance yesterday to speak with the Owner of NGS himself, NGS Eyesup III. Of course I wanted the chance to ask those burning questions, so check out the interview below! 

J: Well the first question I’d like to ask, How did you feel when you found out that NGS was XS’ Community of the Week?

E: “Well, honestly I was excited. It was our first big achievement since we joined XS. It gives you a boost of motivation!”

J: How did you initially start up NGS?

E: “Well we used to be a part of a clan, but it was boring and we didn’t know how things worked in their server. So we all decided to leave and founded NGS with my 2 good friends. We founded several other clans before NGS, but none of them was as successful as NGS. Our mission was to create a community and we never gave up until we did!”

J: Are all of your original founding members still with you now?

E: “Yes, they are all still here and still play some important roles in the server.”

J: What platform does NGS focus on in the community? Do you have multiple Divisions for different platforms?

E: “We mainly focus on PC as me and the rest of the founder mainly play on it. However, we do have a squad dedicated to the PS4 Community within our division.”

J: What would you say is the biggest challenge that you’ve had to overcome so far on the journey of NGS?

E: “Well there have been many challenges throughout my time as Founder. The biggest challenge was when our recruitment came to a halt. It caused a lot of inactivity and a sharp member drop. It can be very demoralising when nobody is on your server.”


J: What do you believe is the key to growing a successful community?

E: “Resilience, never give up. It took me several tries to make a community before NGS was founded. Others may make a community, find out it was harder than they thought, and give up.  I kept trying and trying again and stuck together with my friends until we made something that worked.”

J: Who would you say is your biggest influence as a gamer?

E: “My biggest influence as a gamer would be my friends. Unlike any other influencers, your friends are actually there experiencing the moments with you. If it weren’t for them, gaming would be dead to me.”

J: What is your biggest piece of advice for gamers who may be new to gaming communities?

E: “Don’t be afraid to socialise with others. When joining a community, try and spark a conversation. It may not seem like much, but that is how I met a lot of cool people over the years when I used to be apart of other gaming communities.”

J: Where do you see yourself and NGS within the next 6 months?

E: “In 6 months, I think NGS will become a thriving community with many things going on to keep our members engaged. If our current plans go well, then I could also see ourselves trying to tackle eSports. A lot of our members have been requesting a Professional Team in NGS and I want to make sure that happens within the next 6 months.”

J: I want to thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I have one last question for you, is there any type of comment or advice that you would like to leave the XS members who are reading this with?

E: “I just would like to say that I’m so happy that NGS was able to be apart of this journey with XS. We owe it to Taylor for making this possible!”

Congratulations once again to New Guardian Society on becoming Xiled Syndicate’s 3rd Community of the Week! We are so happy to have you as a part of the Xiled Syndicate family, and we look forward to our future with you. 


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