By Cassie

Hello XS, there are going to be a lot of changes coming to our CMS soon. From varying new features to the layout is different. Below, are just some of the bigger changes to come in the next couples days and what to look out for.

Some New Features:

  • Customizable Alert Messages,
  • Revamped Settings Page,
  • Revamped User Notes,
  • Adds skills/training to members,
  • Gamertag search now searches both member list and blacklist/MR list.
  • Usernames, division names, squad names, and community names no longer have a character limit and can now be longer,
  • Send Discord Alert Messages to Channels of your choosing.


Some New Squad Features:

  • To change a member’s name, you now have to click on their name which will display a new profile modal,
    • Changing a name will also update their Xbox ID (xuid) if it is different than their current xuid
  • Ability to add notes to users,
    • Configure Rank/Group Permissions to specify what users can or cannot do or can or cannot read
  • New ability to add skills and training to members,
  • New history tab that displays changes made.


Some New CMS Management Features:

  • Added Community Management.
  • Division Management
    • You can set a division to be a leader only if you want to create a new or separate leaders list,
    • Each leaders list will have a separate edit link under CMS Management (and will only show if members have access to edit leaders list)
    • Leaders will still be viewed using the View Leaders List button.
  • Edit Blacklist/MR List
    • When adding members/communities to a list, the default alert message will display allowing you to edit the message if you choose.
  • Users
    • Click the username to edit a user’s permission,
    • Added the ability to Permanently Remove a user’s account.


Some New Settings Features:

  • Games Tab
    • Added the ability to ‘remove’ a game
  • Ranks/Groups
    • Consolidated the group permissions and ranks page into this new tab
    • Drag and drop a rank to reorder
    • Ability to “remove” ranks by clicking on the rank name
  • Skills/Trainings Tab
    • Add new skills or training that can be added to squad members
    • Option to remove skills/training (Skill/training will remain attached to member)
  • General Tab
    • Added the ability to set custom default alert messages sent when someone is added to a “blacklist/ MR List”
    • Added the ability for communities to change the labels for community, divisions, squads, blacklist, MR list

After the update is implemented, be sure to check with your chain of command with any questions you will have. There are other updates to come out, feel free to go to their website to see what else is going to be added! 




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