XS Resigns with Aporia Customs Releasing NEW Apparel!

Article By: Jessi 7XSWhats up my mammals?! Yes I really did just go there, but I have significant reason to do so. Bringing you all the exciting news that Xiled Syndicate has resigned to continue sponsorship with Aporia Customs. With the resigning, a BRAND NEW collection of apparel has launched for Xiled Syndicate and its communities. In the collection, you will find; Jerseys , hoodies , sweatpants, joggers, and flags. Not just XS Apparel, but this apparel also comes customized for XS Communities! XGN, KN, TXO, TXI, BGL, and UXE will all be able to find some sweet ways to…

by Jessi
July 6, 2020

XS News Writer, Ellie: My Favorite Underrated Game!

Written By: XGN EllieHey Gamers! Today we’re talking about underrated games. One of my favorite games of all time is ARK: Survival Evolved. This game is awesome and has a great amount of things to do in-game. ARK has an amazing PvE and PvP player base. There’s plenty of options to choose while playing ARK. They have multiple maps, different kinds of scenery / biomes, and there’s dinosaurs! Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Personally, my favorite activity to do in the game is doing boss fights. Once you build up in your world, and have plenty of materials and dinosaurs you…

by Jessi
July 3, 2020

Mixer to Shutdown July 2020

Article By: Jessi 7XS It’s the end of an era; well a 4 year era anyway. Recently announced on June 22nd, 2020 Microsoft is shutting down it’s streaming platform, Mixer, on July 22, 2020. Established as a Seattle based streaming platform called Beam, Microsoft acquired the company in August 2016 and renamed it Mixer as part of the rebranding in May 2017. Heavily integrated into the Xbox One platform during the March 2017 software update, Mixer became one of the go to streaming platforms for gamers, running alongside live stream giant Twitch. Mixer allowed gamers of all abilities on the…

by Jessi
June 27, 2020

XGN JUGGALO VII: XGN’s Newest Director!

Article By: XGN NavstarPromotions in Xiled Gaming Network are happening daily, but there are also very special promotions that don't happen frequently, such as this one. Today I sat down with XGN JUGGALO VII on his promotion to Director, and being the Director over GoD. He has done a tremendous job at running his Division and bringing it to where it is today. Congratulations on the promotion JUGGALO VII! N: Could you introduce yourself to the readers?"I'm XGN JUGGALO VII. I am a Director, I oversee GoD, and as of right now I am the acting Div Leader of GoD…

by Jessi
June 12, 2020