Happy 10th Anniversary Xiled Gaming Network!

Article By: Jessi 7XS July 7th, 2010….a day that will forever be in the history books of gaming. On this day, 7 leaders came together with the intention to create a community for gamers of all abilities, where they would be able to make new lasting friendships, and most of all feel safe. The founding fathers of Xiled Gaming Network were led by none other than Mr XGN himself. Mr XGN’s vision has become more than just that of a gaming community, it has evolved into a gaming powerhouse. 9 years after launching XGN came the launch of Xiled Syndicate,…

Jessi by Jessi
July 10, 2020

XS Resigns with Aporia Customs Releasing NEW Apparel!

Article By: Jessi 7XSWhats up my mammals?! Yes I really did just go there, but I have significant reason to do so. Bringing you all the exciting news that Xiled Syndicate has resigned to continue sponsorship with Aporia Customs. With the resigning, a BRAND NEW collection of apparel has launched for Xiled Syndicate and its communities. In the collection, you will find; Jerseys , hoodies , sweatpants, joggers, and flags. Not just XS Apparel, but this apparel also comes customized for XS Communities! XGN, KN, TXO, TXI, BGL, and UXE will all be able to find some sweet ways to…

Jessi by Jessi
July 6, 2020

Community Security: How to Keep Your Members Safe!

Article By: Jessi 7XSWe all know very well, that things aren’t always perfect or go as planned. For example; I’ve been talking about taking vacation from work recently, but a 2 month forced layoff because of COVID was NOT what I asked for. In our own eyes, we all want the perfect community; no issues, no drama, things running smoothly, and everyone getting along. Unfortunately this is not the perfect world, there are people out there that are vindictive, want revenge because they believe they are in the right even when they were in the wrong. For those reasons, we…

Jessi by Jessi
May 11, 2020