XGN Xposed 7 Promoted to Division Leader!

Article By: XGN Arya VII Hey everyone! It is my greatest pleasure as part of the News Team to bring some amazing news. XGN Xposed 7 has been promoted to Division Leader. We needed to get the inside info on this very special person. He has been hard working and showing everyone what he is capable of. So without further ado please join me as I interview XGN XPOSED 7, which went a little like this: 1: When did you join XS? A: "I joined in April of 2018. Back then it was just XGN though." 2: What was your…

by Jessi
July 18, 2020

COVID & Gaming: What’s Kept Us Going

Article By: Jessi 7XS Corona, Rona, Sars 2, COVID-19. The most recent Pandemic in the last 10 years. First schools were canceling, then came the closures of restaurants, retail stores, gyms, recreation, amusements; everything just stopped running how it 'normally' would.  Due to all the restrictions, we found ourselves at home, "in the house bored". But what gave us a sense of normalcy? Gaming. Gaming and this Community. We went from having our part time or full time jobs or school, to gaming 24/7 to fill the void.  But was that necessarily the best thing to do? My vote, yes,…

by Jessi
July 14, 2020

Welcome United Xiled Empire!

Article By: Jessi 7XS I’m sure you all have seen teasers here and there, UXE. You’ve seen it in gamertags of members in the XS Community Discord Server, and you’ve seen the addition of the UXE area in the Community Operations section of the XS Forums. What is UXE? United Exiled Empire is the brainchild of one of XGN’s Founding Fathers, XGN ANARCHY VII. Anarchy has been a prominent leader in the XGN Community during it’s 10 year run, and although he hasn’t been on the forefront of the community, he hasn’t stopped. I’ve gotten the chance to sit down…

by Jessi
July 13, 2020