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Among the many great leaders in XS, we have those who go above and beyond the call of duty. Those who put more than what’s required to helping make things run smoothly. While those individuals are putting in the work, we recognize them for all they do. One such individual is XGN Cobra 7XS who just split Xenon, a squad in Triple Helix, into Carbon. The XS News Team jumped at this opportunity to interview XGN Cobra 7XS to see what his thoughts were on his splitting Xenon. The interview happened like this:

Q: How long were you General over Xenon?
A: “4 months.”

Q: What challenges did you face as General?
A: “I faced a lot of moving around. I wanted to do what was best for the Division as well as my squad. I was originally Colonel over Nexus, then was asked to help Iodine so I went over in October of 2018 and was promoted to General. I kept Iodine alive and stable until January of 2019 where it was inevitably merged with Xenon and I assumed command over Xenon. Lots of promising people came and went; I spent a lot of sleepless nights watching over Xenon to make sure it was the best it could be.”

Q: What did it take to split Xenon?
A: “Keeping the squad stable was the most interesting challenge. Every time we got things where they needed to be, something outside of our control would happen and all our progress just disappeared. We did soft resets so many times and finally got something that stuck and we ran with it.”

Q: Is there anything you would change if you could about the split?
A: “All I wish I could change was getting back some of the incredible folks that left for scattered reasons during our journey here.”

Q: What inspired the name of the new squad being called Carbon?
A: “It was originally going to be something different, but interestingly-timed situations and a nod of approval from my Colonel and I made Carbon a reality.”

Q: What are your hopes for Carbon going forward?
A: “To lead TH to heights it hasn’t seen before. With the Staff and dedication it has, they have every chance at only the best success.”

Q: What would you tell others who aspire to split or help split squads?
A: “Keep your head on a swivel and adapt. Things can change in a heartbeat and it’s up to you to roll with the hand you’re dealt and make the best of what you have.”

Q: What is one thing you want others to know about how you accomplished splitting Xenon?
A: “It takes serious cooperation from your Division Staff, your entire Squad Staff, and a feeling of confidence from your squad to make this go from being a dream to being a reality. Teamwork and cooperation are your best friends.”

Q: What did you want to achieve by splitting Xenon?
A: “Giving others an opportunity to shine in the way I knew they could, and giving me a position that can reach out and touch the lives of more than I could as a General. Now, XGN bobmhac XS and XGN RAYDEN XS are Generals, XGN Thermobaric and XGN WolfAura XS are Majors, XGN AlphaWolfXS is a 1CPT and there’s even more to come. Every single one of them are amazing and they’re going places. Bob and RAYDEN especially, I can’t thank them enough for all they did to help me split the squad. I’m now over both Carbon and Xenon as a Co-Founder and I get to work with all the squads in TH to help them be the best they can be.”

Q: Are there any final thoughts or advice you’d like to leave with us?
A: “Keep an eye on TH. If you thought the separation of TH into TH and DH was a thing that would harm TH, boy were you wrong. TH will soar. Just watch and enjoy the show.”

Thank you to all who helped in the split of Xenon into Carbon and congratulations on the split! We look forward to the future of not only TH and Xenon but also the brand new squad Carbon! So there you have it folks the brand new squad in TH, good luck in all you do and in all your future endeavors!


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