PlayStation 5: What Do We Know!

Article By: Jessi 7 XS Did you know that Sony trademarks the names of their next-gen consoles at least a year before they are even made? Yes, it’s true; it’s a smart move that Sony uses so that even if … Readmore

League of Legends Season 10 Review!

Article By: TXO eG3e League season 10 was released in Jan 2020 and has seen a ton of support, but also a ton of backlash for all the new mechanics, meta changes, character releases etc. However, before we get into … Readmore

XGN Juggalo VII XGN’s Newest Hall of Fame Inductee!

Article By: XGN Ellie 7 Hello everyone! Today I got to interview a good friend of mine. XGN JUGGALO VII is an amazing leader that constantly strives to better himself as a leader and his division, Game or Die. Back … Readmore

Xiled Syndicate 2020 Vision

Hello Xiled Syndicate, As some of you may have noticed things are changing here in XS. The leadership of our establishment would like to brief you on all the exciting changes, and what’s to come. Before we get into that … Readmore

Xiled Syndicate is Ready for 2020 Vision!

Article By: Jessi 7XS Happy New Year Xiled Syndicate! As we celebrate a brand new year, we have more reasons to celebrate that just the “NeW yEaR, nEw Me” mentality. We begin at first by celebrating the anniversary of Xiled … Readmore

Happy 1st Anniversary TXO!

Article By: Jessi 7XS As our first day into 2020 comes almost to a close, I am proud that we get to celebrate the first anniversary of The Xiled Ones! On January 1st, 2019 the Xiled Gaming Network Divisions of … Readmore

Xbox Series X Details Revealed!

Article By: Jessi 7XS The moment we have all been waiting for, well those of us who are #teamxbox anyway. Last Thursday at the 2019 Game Awards, Microsoft FINALLY introduced the next generation Xbox console! First hinted to us by … Readmore

XGN’s Mobile Division Has First Squad Split!

Article By: Jessi 7XS For those of us who have been in Xiled Gaming Network for years, we remember Damaged Chaos as a once successful Xbox 360 squad. Fast forward to February 2019, DC was opened once again but now … Readmore

An AAP December Update!

Happy Holidays to my fellow members of Xiled Syndicate! The December holidays are coming quickly so Xiled AAP wanted to give everyone an update as to what will be coming up with the AAP Department this month! To start us … Readmore

Xiled Gaming Network Expands to Nintendo Switch!

Article By: Jessi 7 XS The Nintendo Switch was introduced to the world in March of 2017. The first hybrid console of its kind that can be used stationary with your TV or portable wherever you are in the world. … Readmore

FGN Lil Peep is FGN’s Recruiter of the Week!

Article By: FGN Ellie, XS News Writer Today I had the honor of interviewing a good friend and an excellent leader! FGN Lil Peep was recently awarded “Recruiter OTW” in Fierce Gaming Network and I couldn’t be more proud! When … Readmore

XGN Orion 7XS Becomes Vice President of XGN!

Article: By FGN Empress VII, XS News Writer It’s not very often that I get to interview a friend on an amazing achievement. But today as part of the News Team I was Honored with that very privilege. Since I … Readmore

XGN’s Ish 7 is XGN’s Newest COO!

Article By: FGN Empress VII Xiled Syndicate has grown in the many years that we’ve been around. We’ve evolved in many different ways, growing and moving forward as our members voices are heard. One such voice is XGN Ish 7! … Readmore

XGN Bluedream7XS Promoted to XGN Chief of Internal Affairs!

Article By: FGN Empress VII Among the many hardworking individuals within Xiled Syndicate, we have those who go above and beyond the call of duty to help not only the community, but the members within as well. But some don’t … Readmore

XGN Oreo 7 Promoted to XGN’s Chief Strategic Officer!

Article By: FGN Empress VII Through the few years that I’ve been in XS I have seen many people come and go. Many of the leaders worked and helped Xiled Syndicate a better place. That being said there have been … Readmore

A New Era for XGN..

Article By: Jessi 7 XS For years, XGN HELL5FURY 7 has been a huge part of Xiled Gaming Network. Since he joined the community he has always put the best interest of the members at the top of his list. … Readmore

XS Events to Host First Mobile Tournament!

Article By: Jessi 7 XS Yes, you read this title completely correct. Xiled Syndicate Events will be hosting its first ever mobile tournament this Sunday! The tournament is being held on PubG Mobile, Sunday September 29th at 4pm EST. The … Readmore

XGN Becomes XS Community of the Week 2 Weeks Straight!

Article By: Jessi 7XS Following on the heels of The Xiled Ones, Xiled Syndicate’s inaugural community, Xiled Gaming Network, has become XS Community of the Week for the 2nd week in a row! Since Xiled Gaming Network’s beginning in 2010, … Readmore

Welcome to the Member Marketplace!

Article By: Jessi 7 XS Have you always wanted to sell some of your console games? How about some of your gaming or nerdy collectibles? Well with the XS Member Marketplace now you can! For quite awhile members had been … Readmore

XGN Papa 7XS Promoted to DIVL of XGN’s DC!

Article By: XGN WagWan, XS News Writer First off, I want to congratulate XGN Papa 7XS on his promotion to Division Leader over the mobile division, Damaged Chaos, in XGN. I got the chance to speak to XGN Papa 7XS … Readmore

Inside HELL5 KORNER with Oreo & BlueDream!

Article By: XGN -Myst- XS, XGN News Writer HELL5 KORNER is a weekly event held within Xiled Syndicate, taking place in the main XS Discord server. Similar to a workshop, this is an event that takes place in a voice … Readmore

KN HYDE 7XS Promoted to Director in KN!

Article By: XGN Wag Wan First of I want to congratulate KN HYDE 7XS on his promotion to Director in KN. Hyde was here from day one, has worked very hard, and is very happy he has achieved this rank. … Readmore

KN BIGG PAPA XS Promoted to CPO of KN!

Article By: XGN WagWan   First off, I want to congratulate KN BIGG PAPA XS on his Promotion to CPO over in KN. BIGG PAPA Joined KN on day one, and has always been there. He quickly earned Board of … Readmore

XGN Belle 7 Promoted to Co-Div of XGN’s WaG!

Article By: XGN WagWan First off I want to congratulate XGN Belle 7 on her promotion to Co Division Leader in WaG. Belle started her XGN career in RoW back in January 2018. From there, Belle went to DoD and … Readmore

Community of the Week 8/4: New Guardian Society!

Article By: Jessi 7 XS Community of the Week was started in July 2019. The goal: to showcase the communities in Xiled Syndicate that have had the most growth each week. This creates a morale booster within the communities with … Readmore

The XS News Department Is Looking For Writers!

Article By: Jessi 7 XS Hey everyone! I’m happy to announce to all members of Xiled Syndicate that the XS News Department is looking for experienced and dedicated writers to join the Department. If you have a passion for writing, … Readmore

Community of the Week 7/28: The Xiled Ones!

Article By: Jessi 7 XS & FGN Empress VII In September of 2018, the brightest minds of Xiled Gaming Network’s Devil’s Rejects division came together and created a new Xbox One division, Victory Is Imminent. VII along with another strong … Readmore

BGL King UwU Becomes Co-Owner of BGL!

Article By: Jessi 7 XS About a month or so ago, I hopped into a party with a dear friend of mine and some awesome members of KN. A few minutes later in comes BGL King UwU, and believe it … Readmore

Introducing XS Community of The Week!

We are introducing a new program to Xiled Syndicate called Community of the Week. Think House Cup from Harry Potter (Yes we’re nerds!) Each week the clan with the highest percentage of growth/recruitment will be awarded Community of the Week. … Readmore

Gear Up With Gears 5!

Article By: Jessi 7 XS For those of you who couldn’t wait to get your hands on the next title in the Gears of War franchise, you will soon get your chance. September 10th, 2019 Gears 5 will release for … Readmore

XGN Jessi 7 On Leadership!

Article By: FGN Empress VII Many times in Xiled Syndicate as a news team member I’ve had the opportunity to interview some amazing leaders. There have been Board of Directors, Senior Directors and many more, but never had I been … Readmore

Get Your Lego Fix With LEGO Speed Champions!

Article By: Jessi 7 XS Just when we thought that Forza couldn’t get any better, they surprise us again. The newest DLC released for Forza Horizon 4, LEGO Speed Champions. Yes, I really just said Lego! One of the first … Readmore

FGN Empress VII Makes FGN Hall Of Fame!

Article By: Jessi 7 XS I feel so #blessed to have had the chance to interview a dear friend of mine, FGN Empress VII. Empress has recently joined Fierce Gaming Network, been promoted to Founder, AND to top it off … Readmore

The LDP Experience!

Article By: FGN Empress VII There are many departments within the Xiled Syndicate coalition, that have many different purposes. There is also a program within these departments called the LDP or Leadership Development Program. This program has many different purposes … Readmore

Xiled Syndicate Partners WIth Rogue Energy

Xiled Syndicate is dedicated to introducing our members and supporters to some of the most high-quality products and companies in the gaming industry. Recently discussions between Xiled Syndicate and Rogue Energy started, in hopes to bring this amazing product to … Readmore

XGN Cobra 7XS Earns the Honor of the 7!

Article By: FGN Empress VII There comes a point in every leaders’ career in Xiled Syndicate when they have the opportunity to receive the highly honored 7 in their gamertag. As we all know the 7 in a members gamertag … Readmore

Spotlight: FGN FierceGod XS About the FGN Affiliation!

Article By: XGN Empress VII On behalf of the News Team it has been my privilege and honor to have been able to get the inside scoop on the most recent happenings within XS. Well I’ve done just that but … Readmore

Spotlight: Mr.XGN on XS’ Newest Affiliate FGN!

Article By: XGN Empress VII Xiled Syndicate has many different affiliates and sponsors to help not only the communities but ourselves as well. Many members don’t have the opportunity to meet the new community leaders or members so I had … Readmore

XGN bobmhac XS Promoted to General of Carbon TH!

Article By: XGN Empress VII There comes a time when a member becomes a leader. When you decide it’s time to step up to help others within our communities. Well here is one of those leaders who has done just … Readmore

XGN Cobra 7XS Promoted to Co Founder of Triple Helix!

Article By: XGN Max First off I would like to congratulate XGN Cobra 7XS on his promotion to Co Founder in Triple Helix. Cobra has been working very very hard in splitting Xenon into Carbon, and has deserved to become … Readmore

Member Spotlight: BGL Jenna 7XS

Article By: MU5ik M1X3R This week’s member spotlight goes out to BGL Jenna 7XS. I had the opportunity to interview her. When did you first join Xiled Syndicate? “I joined XS on November 8, 2018.” What affiliation of XS did … Readmore

XGN’s Cobra7XS Splits Xenon TH into Carbon!

Article By: XGN Empress VII Among the many great leaders in XS, we have those who go above and beyond the call of duty. Those who put more than what’s required to helping make things run smoothly. While those individuals … Readmore

Xiled Syndicate Partners With JerkyXP

Xiled Syndicate is proud to announce our latest sponsorship with JerkyXP! JerkyXP is a premium beef jerky, easy to chew and bold in flavor. Feeding gamers since 2013, with over 3000 five star reviews, so it was a no brainer … Readmore

Introducing Overwatch® D.Va Performance Thumbsticks®

KontrolFreek® Teams up with Blizzard Entertainment on D.VA Performance Thumbsticks® KontrolFreek® announced a new line of Performance Thumbsticks® based on Blizzard Entertainment’s award-winning team-based shooter Overwatch®. KontrolFreek Overwatch Performance Thumbsticks are available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One through #FREEKNATION asked for them … Readmore

Mixer Hits 1,000 Followers

By Cassie Very recently the Xiled Syndicate Mixer finally hit 1,000 followers, we are at 1,060 at this moment in time.  XS leadership is thrilled with all the support we have received and would love for it to be continued. … Readmore

Xbox Games with Gold: May, 2019

By Mu5ik There are four (4) games that are free for the month of May for anyone that has Xbox Live Gold. May’s Games With Gold are a multiplayer party game, to a save-the-world shooter, from a professional golf game, … Readmore

XS Member Spotlight: KN Game XS

By: Cassie Being able to talk to people from KN is a unique experience. Constantly laughing, joking, and having a wonderful time, outside members of KN can expect to have a wonderful game night or time with them. I had … Readmore

New Games with Xbox Game Pass

By Mu5ik This week, the week of April 22nd, four new games have come to the Xbox Game Pass. If you were iffy about buying them before, then you will be able to test them out now. To see what … Readmore

Xiled Syndicate: Fundraiser

By Cassie Very recently, Xiled Syndicate has started a fundraiser to help the future of XS. For the past decade, our various communities have been trying to spread positivity, connection, and family experience with everyone they come across. Positivity through … Readmore

New BGL Apparel Out Now!

By Cassie Very recently, Banished Gaming Legends (BGL) have come out with new apparel since the announcement of hitting 100 members. Since joining the #XiledMovement , BGL has been itching to bring more apparel to our members to give back to them … Readmore

TXO: New Clothing Out Now

By Cassie Starting today, there will be sublimated hoodies out for all TXO members to enjoy. In the future, expect all the members in BGL, KN, and OTO to be receiving one as well. If this news isn’t enough, for … Readmore

Minecraft Comes to Gamepass

By: Mu5ikMXR Block for Block, and Pixel for Pixel, Minecraft is usually going to be the first thing people think of when it comes to building games. There are several misconceptions about the game of Minecraft, one of these many … Readmore

The Division 2: In-depth Review

By Voltaire Have you ever wanted to explore an open world re–creation of Washington D.C. after a global pandemic of catastrophic proportion? Then look no further than The Division 2. The sequel to Ubisoft’s looter shooter The Division sets a … Readmore

XS Member Spotlight: TXO Samurai

By Cassie Being recommended for an XS Member Spotlight is an amazing feeling. Being able to be recognized for your accomplishments feels euphoric. Below, you can read about how this new and upcoming Captain is enjoying himself in TXO (The … Readmore

XS Member Spotlight: OTO Poseidon

By Cassie Being able to talk to a lot of members from various communities is amazing, and something that I am so grateful to be able to do. Recently, I had the opportunity to get with OTO Poseidon. He originally joined … Readmore

XS Member Spotlight: XGN Gamma VII

By Cassie I recently got the chance to sit down and talk to XGN Gamma VII and interview him. XGN Ish 7, has been wanting an XS Spotlight for him for a while; since MAJ. Gamma has shown extreme dedication to … Readmore

Fortnite Patch Notes: March ’19

By Max Fortnite has released a new updated and this week, it is jam-packed with new and exciting modes and updates to items. Have you noticed the difference? The Floor is Lava: “The floor is lava” is the newest game … Readmore

Win Money on Fortnite

By Disney Most people may have noticed that Fortnite had a mid-season update recently. In the v8.20 update, Epic Games has finally created a ranked game mode, the Arena. This new game mode allows players to be ranked based on … Readmore

XGN: The Helix Legacy Continues

By Empress Everyone knows how important the Helix’s are to Xiled Gaming Network. Among the many great leaders in XGN, a new leader is the newest division leader of Triple Helix. XGN Mag 7, he has been in XGN for … Readmore

Your Name: An Anime Recommendation

By Disney “The day the star fell, it was like seeing something out of a dream. Nothing more or less than a breathtaking view.” Your Name, or Kimi no Na Wa, is about Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana. The two … Readmore

Pizza Anyone?: Halo

By Dovahkin Pizza is a delicious, and favorite food, item across the world. It has become meaningful to many people. Mothers who are too tired to cook, college students who are tired of ramen, and families who love to bond … Readmore

Vehicular Battle Royale out on Steam April 5th

By Legion Notmycar is a multiplayer vehicular combat battle royale game, very similar to “PUBG”, “Fortnite”, even “Apex Legends” but in this game, you will be dropping into a massive battleground where you can use unique weapons and abilities to battle … Readmore

New Gamemode for Battlefield?

By Disney In E3’s 2018 conference, EA announced that a new game mode for Battlefield V. The announcement was that they will be hopping on the battle royale band-wagon. When the game released in October of 2018, we have all … Readmore

Who is Mr XGN?

Being a leader is a responsibility to sometimes thousands of people when it comes to gaming communities. Providing a fun, but progressive, experience for an entire base of members can be one of the most rewarding things any leader can … Readmore

Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter

By: TXO Inverse Many players who have launched into the tower or other areas of the world in Destiny 2 have come face to face with the newest season: The Season of the Drifter. What events have been released with … Readmore

Damaged Chaos: Making Moves

By Dovahkin XGN’s mobile division, Damaged Chaos, is already bringing in the big bucks. Division Leader, XGN DaddySalty, reports that he is very proud of his Divisions recent victory in a war league that they took part in. This league war … Readmore

Halo: Reach to Be added to Master Chief Collection

By: Empress Halo, something that makes all gamers in some form feel as if they are younger again. From the long nights 5 or 10 years ago, building the best fort on forge to getting a killjoy online. Halo: Reach, … Readmore

Xiled Shop: Quick Breakdown

By XGN Legion XS 7 and Cassie In the Xiled Store, XS (Xiled Syndicate) offers a plethora of apparel, to stickers, and even hats! Xiled Syndicate is always trying to provide the best for our members, so even though we … Readmore

Fortnite Update: What to Look For

By Max and Cassie Fortnite has done it again and has added yet another vehicle of some sort and an update to the vending machine, and others. While a lot of players are having fun with the update, it seems … Readmore

The Division 2 Beta: Good Things to Come

By Empress Since the drop of the very first Tom Clancy’s Division, many gamers have been googly-eyed over the prospect of the release of yet another Division game. The beta has been highly anticipated by players, with the fate of … Readmore

How to Complete the Fortnite Challenges: S8 Week 2

By XGN Max With Fornite not going anywhere will all this Apex Legends hype, the newest challenges are now out. Below, are the ways you can beat these challenges. First, players must visit the furthest North, South, East, and West … Readmore

Apex Legends: Here to Stay

By: XGN MrFluffy America’s obsession with Fortnite continues, but for how long? The multiplayer battle royale is currently the most popular video game in the world, but a new game is quickly picking up speed, and millions of players, threatening … Readmore

New Look Same Mission for KN

By Cassie Very recently Killjoy Network has gone under some development with a new logo. Before, the icon backward K and forwards N is a staple for the community. But with any big brand, individuals may find different variants for … Readmore

Reasons to Join BGL and TXO

By Cassie There are a lot of reasons to join BGL and TXO, but is hard to join if you don’t know anything about them. So you’re at the right place! BGL, created July 27th, 2017, has been building ever since. … Readmore

Newest Community Enters Xiled Syndicate | OTO

By Cassie I got the pleasure of getting the leader of our newest community, OTO, into a party. OTO VeRiiTaS 7, otherwise known as “Rita”, is the president and owner of OTO. Below, you can see Rita is a very … Readmore

Changes Coming to CMS: Any Time Now!

By Cassie Hello XS, there are going to be a lot of changes coming to our CMS soon. From varying new features to the layout is different. Below, are just some of the bigger changes to come in the next … Readmore

XGN Opens a Mobile Division?

By Cassie I got the pleasure of talking to the Division and Co-Division Leader of the newly opened Mobile division for XGN! Talking to my old friend XGN DaddySalty (Division Leader), and a new one XGN PapaDabs (Co-Division Leader), I got … Readmore

ISO: Head of Twitch | Xiled Syndicate

By Cassie Are you interested in streaming on Twitch or building the Xiled Syndicate channel and yours while you also get more experience underneath your belt? That’s great, we have something you’re looking for! The XS Media Department is actively … Readmore

New Backwards-Compatible Games Arrive For Xbox One

By Cassie Hello Xbox players, four new backward-compatible games are available and waiting for you when you get home with a valid Xbox Live Gold. Jump into Lost Planet 1, 2, and 3 a third-person game series where the world … Readmore

XS Weekly Address

By Cassie Mr XGN, otherwise known as Cory or The Xiled King, joined Youtube in May 2014. Since then, he has been uploading informational videos on varying topics. From “How To Become a Leader in XGN?”, “Joining KSI | Story … Readmore

XS Streamer Spotlight: XGN Hokage

By Cassie I was extremely excited to be able to sit down in a party and get to talk to the striving force of the XS channel on Mixer’s success. Every time I tune into our Mixer, it seems as … Readmore

Microsoft Takeover

By: XGN MrFluffy For years now cross play has been a hard-hitting discussion in the gaming community. Your friend has a Switch and you own an Xbox One. You want to be able to play with them without being on … Readmore

Opinion Piece | Rainbow Six Siege 6: S.I. Playlist

By: XGN MrFluffy Rainbow Six Siege is a classic, making a storm in the gaming community since 2015. Ubisoft stated years ago that they wanted Rainbow to be a multiplayer oriented game, boasting that it is a realistic style shooter … Readmore

Lets Stand With our Newest Sponsor: SnSLabz

By Cassie So far this year, Xiled Syndicate has announced new products in the store, opportunities, and sponsors. It’s only the first month in 2019, and XS isn’t stopping anytime soon to give you the best products, learning experiences, and … Readmore

Xbox Live Games With Gold For February 2019

This month, four games will be available for Xbox players who have an active Xbox Live account. Two of them will be on Xbox One and two will be on Xbox 360, but don’t be upset, both of the Xbox … Readmore

Growing our Community: Stream Edition

By XGN MrFluffy Since the rise of technology, we have found many ways to interact with our favorite hobbies. From radios in the 20’s broadcasting Babe Ruth a baseball legend; to Cat Videos on the early days of Youtube. Technology … Readmore

Xiled Syndicate | New Changes and Beginnings

Since January 1st, 2019, The Xiled Ones (TXO), has been officially opened. Since then, TXO VIRTUS XS and the rest of TXO has been building to continue success. Mr XGN, and other XGN senior leadership saw the dedication and drive TXO … Readmore

Kontrol Freek: Decisions Made Easy

By XGN Oreo 7 Do you sometimes have issues with other companies websites? Well, it’s your lucky day as I am going to be going over and explaining the KontrolFreek “Buyers Guide”! Those of you who do you not know, KontrolFreek … Readmore

Anthem: The Next Big Hit?

By XGN MrFluffy With huge games like Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, and even Fortnite up in the ranks grasping all players across all platforms; it’s hard to imagine that new games can grab gamers attention and bring … Readmore

Xiled Roles Announced

We have several members ask us almost every day to have their own roles in this server such as “Mr XGN’s Anime Cuties xo” with the ability to be unique and have their friends apart of it. Obviously, we do … Readmore

XS’ Newest Sponsor Announced, and It’s OP.

Xiled Syndicate is so excited to share with you another sponsor. OP, or OP Seat, is a company bringing the comfort to gaming made by gamers. Since 2015, OP has continuously pushed the level of relaxation with their gaming equipment. Looking over … Readmore

Kontrol Freek: Large Advantage For Little Cost

By Cali KN Ever wanted that competitive advantage but just couldn’t see yourself spending $150 on a controller? Well look no further, Kontrol Freek has been helping people step up their game for years. What’s better? They are an official … Readmore

Most Anticipated Xbox One Game Launching Next Week: Resident Evil 2

XS Member Spotlight: XGN Oreo 7

By Cassie XS Last night, I sat in a party with Oreo, talking to him about old times in XGN and how I was proud of him for reaching every goal he has put before himself. Knowing Oreo for years, … Readmore


XGN HELL5FURY 7 was recruited in 2014 and since then, XGN hasn’t been the same. HELL5FURY (or HELL5FURRY depending on who you ask), is a lot of things, from a leader, friend, and an idol he as impacted all members … Readmore

All Platforms Rocket League Tournament: 3v3 January 26th

Hello XS, There will be a Rocket League Tournament January 26th, 2019 at 2:30PMEST. This means all platforms (Xbox, PC, and PS4) and all communities in XS can participate! With this tournament, there isn’t a prize, but bragging rights are … Readmore

Xbox RB6 Tournament: 4v4 January 27th

Hello XS, There will be a Rainbow Six Siege Tournament  January 27th, 2019 at 4PMEST. This includes all communities in XS. The host, XGN BlueDream 7 has HUGE prizes for the winning teams which are below.  Prizes: Each member of … Readmore

At 500 Followers You Could Win a Free Game and More | Xiled Syndicate

  Xiled Syndicate is always trying to make sure our members have every single opportunity to be successful. This can be from the art team, teaching others to be better at shading, fonts, or renders so that the individual can … Readmore

This Week’s Xbox Live FARCRY Franchise Sale!

By Mr XGN It’s that time of the week again, with Microsoft announcing fresh deals for Gold subscribers. If you’ve been looking to stock up on some FARCRY titles, like FARCRY 5, FARCRY 4 and FARCRY PRIMAL they all make … Readmore

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Xiled Syndicate | New YT Upload – Combat of XGN

Hello XS, The Xiled Syndicate YouTube team just uploaded their newest video. Go say hi to Combat of XGN as he shows you his funny and thrilling game clips. This short video, Combat of XGN shows off his skills, from … Readmore

XS Member Spotlight: BGL Crazycop V

By Cassie XS I was very pleased to jump into a party with BGL Crazycop V, a seasoned BGL member. I got to understand more about BGL, what they were like before, and more general information. BGL currently has one … Readmore

XS’ First Game Sponsor Revealed

By: Cassie XS Xiled Syndicate has partnered with their first ever game sponsor: Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden. XS is happy to bring you future games to enjoy and continue to love using the link provided at the end, … Readmore

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Welcome to Xiled Syndicate | ERA OF XILED

Era of Xiled. January 1st, 2019, today is the official launch of Xiled Syndicate. Let me begin by explaining our purpose, I suppose the “WHY” is vital in any movement. In this age of gaming, unfortunately, the agendas of most … Readmore

XS December Member of The Month ― BGL Caliber V

Hello BGL Caliber V, thank you for joining us today and allowing the Xiled Syndicate to get to know a little about one of BGL’s Finest! Q.) What made you interested in gaming communities? A.) The thing that interested me most … Readmore

Xiled Elite Update

Hey everyone! We’re happy to announce our first Xiled Syndicate Poster releasing in January to ALL Xiled Elite members for FREE! This poster will feature all 5 organizations that make up this mighty family and if you like can be … Readmore

XS October Member of The Month ― KN Elkram 7

Hello KN Elkram 7 , thank you for joining us today and allowing the Xiled Syndicate to get to know a little about one of Killjoy Networks Finest! Elkram: Hey! The pleasure is all mine! this is truly an honor … Readmore

What is Xiled Syndicate?

As plenty of you may have begin to see on Social Media this week XGN leadership has been busy.. After several months of preparation and years of hard work Xiled Gaming Network has finally decided to launch our own actual Network. … Readmore

Xiled Synidcate Launching 2019

There’s a difference in friendly competition and hostility. XS hopes to reinstall the art of respectful community competition and rivalries that are exciting to watch and even more thrilling for the players. We’re excited to share more about what we … Readmore

Aut odit aut fugit sed

They say you should spend money on your shoes and your bed, because if you’re not in one, then you’re in the other. And even if ‘they’ turns out to be the marketing department at Common Projects, there is some … Readmore