The Xiled Syndicate Blacklist has been revamped. Moving forward our community will only be blacklisting individuals who break-real world laws, and pose a serious threat to gamers. – This list will be reviewed every [180] days by the XS Council.

Furthermore, anyone ever formerly blacklisted by our organization and seek to re-join will be required to complete a membership return case via our official community forums. Please do not take any membership return denials personal, time heals everything.

– Mr XGN
CEO of Xiled Syndicate

Players that take part in DDoS attacks, Doxing, and other forms of crime. Members are required to block and avoid the players on this list, and their alternate accounts/alias.

GamertagAlternate AliasAuthorized ByReasonDate
THG ValorIPG Valor / XGN HypnosisXGNIllegal ActivitiesN/A
XGNNegligence/Destruction of property.01/01/2020
BGL Karma VIIBGLIllegal ActivitiesN/A
C4L WarlordXGNDDoS Attacks / Illegal ActivitiesN/A
FGN FierceGodXGNFraudN/A