Xiled Syndicate Partners WIth Rogue Energy

Xiled Syndicate is dedicated to introducing our members and supporters to some of the most high-quality products and companies in the gaming industry. Recently discussions between Xiled Syndicate and Rogue Energy started, in hopes to bring this amazing product to the community at a lower cost, while offering our organization several benefits that will help our organization grow and expand. Today we're pleased to announce we have come to terms, and have sighed a platinum deal with Rogue Energy!  Starting earlier this week the following codes (XILED, XGN, TXO, KN, BGL, FGN or OTO) are ACTIVE and will give anyone…

by Mr XGN
June 12, 2019

XS Forums Posting Contest is Back!

Article By: Jessi 7XS The moment you ALL have been waiting for is here, the annual Forums Posting Contest! 2020 has been a great year for Xiled Syndicate, and continues to get better everyday. Take the chance now to represent XS in the best way by taking part in the Forums Posting Contest. The contest will run from August 7th at 12am EST to September 1st at 12am EST. The member who posts on the forums the most during this time will be crowned the winner and win a grand prize. Fear not, we know you guys love to post…

by Jessi
August 6, 2020

Xbox Showcase Highlights!

Article By: Jessi 7XS If you don’t know by now, you either had to work all day, or you might have slept all day, or maybe just didn’t touch your phone or computer all day. There was a huuuuuuge Xbox Series X Showcase Thursday, and I could not be more excited to share some info from the showcase.  Sadly I do have to report, we were not given any information of an exact release date or release price for the Xbox Series X. However, rumor has it that Xbox has another console up it’s sleeve, and it will be announced…

by Jessi
July 28, 2020

XGN iiKILLL 7XS Promoted to Division Leader!

Hey, guys! So this article is very overdue, but never too late to say congratulations! A few weeks ago, XGN announced a few promotions. One of them being XGN iiKiLLL 7XS to Division Leader! His Leadership skills are amazing and I cannot wait to see where his new position will take him! Ellie: “When did you first join XGN?” iKill: “June 15, 2017 recruited and trained by XGN Snow 7” Ellie: “When you first joined and started moving into staff, did you ever think you’d make it to Division Leader?” iKill: “No. I never even thought I’d make it to…

by Jessi
July 20, 2020

XGN Xposed 7 Promoted to Division Leader!

Article By: XGN Arya VII Hey everyone! It is my greatest pleasure as part of the News Team to bring some amazing news. XGN Xposed 7 has been promoted to Division Leader. We needed to get the inside info on this very special person. He has been hard working and showing everyone what he is capable of. So without further ado please join me as I interview XGN XPOSED 7, which went a little like this: 1: When did you join XS? A: "I joined in April of 2018. Back then it was just XGN though." 2: What was your…

by Jessi
July 18, 2020