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  • Jessi

    XS Web Operations & Discord Operations Promotes New Positions!

    Article By: XGN Jessi 7XS

    Xiled Syndicate is a legend in its own right, becoming a Community that is at the forefront of inclusion of gamers of all abilities, while providing a place where gamers can unite for the love of the game no matter what platform. 

    A large part of Xiled Syndicate is our web based departments. These Departments not only provide member experiences such as the Xiled Syndicate Forums and the Xiled Syndicate Discord Servers, but also provide security to the Community as well. 

    Yesterday we were delighted to see some promotions within our XS Web Operations Department and our XS Discord Operations Department as well. Please join us in congratulating the following members on their promotions!

    XS Web Operations Department

    XGN Jessi 7 XS was promoted to XS Chief Technology Officer
    Gatsby was promoted to Web Operations Manager
    Xiled Hagus 7 was promoted to Web Operations Co-Manager

    Mina XIX was promoted to Head Administrator
    TXO Rose XIX was promoted to Administrator
    Vampy was promoted to Administrator
    XGN WarAngel 7 was promoted to Global Moderator

    XS Discord Operations Department

    Xiled Nate was promoted to Head of Discord Operations
    Mrs XGN was promoted to Co-Head of Discord Operations

    Xiled Noob - Senior Staff [XS Server]
    XGN STORM VII - Senior Staff [Community Servers]
    Xiled Texy - Moderator [XGN]
    Xiled Hagus 7 - Moderator [XGN]
    XGN iiKILLL 7XS - Moderator [XGN]
    Willij 7XS - Moderator [XGN PS]
    XGNShadowWolf95 - Moderator [XGN DOD]
    TXI Riptide 7 - Moderator [TXI XC]

    Congratulations again to all these members for their continued hard work throughout the XS Web Operations and Discord Operations Departments. Thank you for everything that you do to keep the Community running smoothly!

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