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  • XGN Arya VII
    XGN Arya VII

    Xiled Syndicate Mobile Application Coming To Life!

    Written By: XGN Arya VII

    Have you ever wondered what it took to create something new? Well we sure do! Xiled Syndicate has been one of the leading gaming communities within the industry. Creating something that hasn't been done or seen before. The recent changes that are coming about within the communities is the creation of its brands. Covering these changes within is the Xiled Syndicate news team. We had the privilege of interviewing TXI Bambi on the upcoming mobile app production and release. He is the XS Head of Marketing and Promotions who has the insider information on this amazing new mobile application. With that being said please join us as we uncover the newest happenings and the innovative ways that we are undergoing to evolve for gamers everywhere!

    What was the inspiration for the mobile app?

    B: "As we head into a new generation of gaming communities and being the premier gaming community, Xiled Syndicate commands a Mobile Application to keep our members and fans engaged. We also wanted to find a way to create a more efficient resource and tool for our staff and members. The app accommodates that."

    How did you and your team go about its creation?

    B: "So as of yet, the app has NOT been developed fully, though it is in the beginning stages of development. We are always making vast improvements to make sure we, as a community, have the best experience possible. However, those improvements always come at a cost."

    Did you or your team have any doubts about creating the app?

    B: "Yes. There were definitely security concerns about having the app, and other people/communities trying to attack it and take it down, but with that being said we will have an amazing security team for the application. Ultimately ALL XS members, affiliates, and partners' safety is our number one priority. We will do everything in our power to keep them safe."

    With the creation of anything new there are always those who are against it. What would you like them to know to put them at ease?

    B: "Change is something EVERYONE has struggled with or may struggle with in the future, but ultimately this new feature is something that can be used and considered as an asset that will allow more opportunity for sponsorships and or partnerships for the continuous growth of XS and its brands."

    Do you believe this will be a benefit to XS?

    B: "YES YES YES! I believe the app will expand our memberships by having a more easily accessible mobile outreach. Now that XS is coming out with brands such as Xiled Clash which is a mobile game, having the app handy will make it easier and more efficient for our mobile gamers."

    What are your aspirations for the betterment of the mobile app?

    B: "I would definitely say feedback. Feedback from our users and all members and non members alike is something we take seriously. It will also provide valuable information on ways that we can improve it as well as its functionality. If anyone has any kind of suggestion or comment that they would like to see on our mobile app they can DM me @TXI Bambi#0001 on discord or @XiledBambi on Twitter and we can get those suggestions, concerns, and comments brought up in the meeting."

    Are there any reservations you may have when it comes to any hiccups?

    B: "We would definitely like to have it released on the 11th anniversary of Xiled Syndicate which is on July 7th. Though we can't make any promises at this point it seems highly likely that it may be released then."

    What are some things we can look forward to as far as features go?

    B: "I can’t get too wordy with this one without giving away too much before the grand reveal. BUT I can say that we will be having an XP & Coin system. On top of that we will have Banners, awards, and charms. Definitely stay tuned for more information on that one!"

    Is there going to be a price to purchase the app or will it be free to download, and will you have to purchase certain features to gain certain access to different things?

    B: "The app will be free to download and use. Like almost any other app, though there will be of course in-app currency to buy premium in-app banners, charms, etc."

    Are there any last thoughts or advice you'd like to leave us with?

    B: "Like I stated above. Everything comes at a cost. So does the creation of this app. We are asking members, affiliates, partners, and even family and friends of the community to donate what they can to make our dreams and vision YOUR reality. You can do so by going to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/xiled-syndicate-mobile-application-by-xiled-tech#/ any donation over 10 dollars will receive a limited edition XS Keychain. The Limited Edition in-App Banner, Award, Charm, and XP will definitely be something that YOU as members, partners, affiliates and even guests will want to get your hands on. PLUS, Whatever amount you donate today, will be added to your in-App currency upon launch on July 7th. I put my money in… Will you?"

    What we have come to know about the brands that are being released is nothing short of extraordinary. These innovative products are changing the way things are being done and how they are being looked at. Thanks to TXI Bambi as well as his team things are looking ever brighter for Xiled Syndicate. So on behalf of not only Xiled Syndicate but also the News team thank you for all you guys have done and continue to do for all of us. We look forward to the release of the mobile application and everything it entails!

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