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    Article By: Jessi 7XS

    Tonight was a huge, and I mean huge game changer for Xiled Syndicate as a whole. At the Xiled Syndicate Council Meeting this evening, the XS Board of Directors, along with Community Leaders, and even Xiled Elite members in attendance were clued into a new era for the community. While the current Community structure has been in place since the very beginning, it is no secret that it has become hard for members to stay active based on this. Members who fall in the current ranks of Senior Squad Staff, find that they are basically at ‘work’ when they are in their role in XS. With this new era, XS looks to alleviate that, and bring the community back to its original and true roots; a gaming community.

    This does not mean eliminating Rank Structure as a complete whole and let everything be a complete free for all, there will still be structure. However, these changes will make the community experience a better experience for ALL members no matter what rank they are. The new proposed structure eliminates the Squad level, you heard me, no squads. 

    The experience a newer member has in a Squad may be the best they have had, when it comes to a squad with full staff, full activity, running like a well oiled machine. However, take that Squad and split it and you’re essentially cutting that Squad and the experience of that Squad in half. As a Community, over time we have seen many Squads split, but then either the original Squad will die or the newly split Squad will die because of cutting that machine in half, taking away most of what had kept that original amazing squad going. This very well changes the experience that the new member has at the squad level, they may not stay interested, they may leave. 

    Instead the structure keeps individual Divisions, we look to have the Divisions stand as their own entity, with their own identities. This allows for less ‘bottlenecking’ when it comes to promotions, more availability of Staff to the members, and most of all more freedom to game or pursue competition or streaming for those who are looking to move in that direction. With stand alone Divisions, the new structure allows for more Staff members; this will help with day to day operations of the Division, and spread any responsibilities out more evenly, allowing for those in Staff ranks to have more time to be able to game rather than constantly be “working”. Members will be together as one, rather than the misconception that members are only relegated to being within their own Squad.

    We all know that technology has clearly advanced. As gamers we hold the power of the newest consoles, high end gaming PCs, Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and also text and voice chat applications such as Discord to our advantage. Ending the era where specific Squads or Divisions cater only to one game or one console. Each Community and Division going forward will become multi game and multi platform. 

    Through this change into the new structure, the Handbook and other rules and policies will see some changes as well. Changes to reword, and make things simpler and easier to understand for members and prospective members. 

    Xiled Syndicate is a family, and family games together. At this current time, the current “Relationship: Conflict of Interest” Policy, does not allow for immediate family or those in relationships to be part of the same Squad. Well that is about to change. There are plans to change this policy in order to make allowances for those who are family or in a relationship to be able to be in the same Division together. However, be aware that if there are any issues such as drama, favoritism, or a conflict of interest that arise, the Division Leader may politely ask that one of the members transfer to a different Division.

    The Patriarch of our family, Mr XGN, and I had the chance to chat for a little bit after the meeting tonight. I was able to ask him a few questions to clear up some big questions that I know are going to be FAQs from the members of Xiled Syndicate. 

    You’ve been in the game a long time, obviously worked hard to build from the ground up. In the meeting you said that you essentially “adopted” the ranking structure from your time in KSI; Even after the addition of things like the CMS, and Squad Tags, even things like Google Docs and Sheets, do you feel that the Squad Ranking Structure still kept things organized, or did you see it immediately as something that should have changed back then?

    “There are definitely pros to Squads, it’s not a negative system, just an outdated one. The cons simply outweigh the pros and it’s time that we adapt to match the technology of the times.”

    About how long ago would you say that you realized that our Division, Squad, and Ranking Structure, doubled with the Handbook and Training Guidelines was “too much”?

    “In January when we got rid of the Blacklist, and we started communicating more with neighbors in the clan scene. I began to see the Blacklist was obsolete and thought what could we be doing wrong. I started to collaborate with my peers and other orgs, essentially taking a look from the outside in. It seemed that we could be doing more for the player and in turn less work.”

    The biggest question I think that everyone is going to ask is “where does that put me, I’m already a ______”? How soon do you expect those members to be promoted to the next rank? 

    “Between now and the end of January, I expect everyone in the Community to see a promotion of some sort. I understand that some people may feel like they worked harder for these positions than others. However we can't allow that fact to prevent us from evolving and changing things for the better. If anything the people that paved the way to get us here should be proud of what we accomplished. It's time that we pave the way in a better direction.”

    In the new rank structure, do you prefer that ‘Promotion based on talent/experience over time in the rank’ be the new norm? How should Lower/Upper Division Staff handle members who are unhappy about being passed over in that situation?

    “I feel like no one should be upset because it would be based on how much you want to apply yourself. It makes sense that people take that extra step and perform the best, they get the promotion. Again I feel like it is a give and take; it's a combo of both or that it's one or the other, the combination of experience, performance, and time goes into how promotions are given.”

    It is general knowledge that each community had run a bit differently than others. You mentioned that the new changes were going to be standardized.

    “Over the next 7 days, I’m going to work with key Leaders from each XS organization. We have already been in communication and mostly in agreement with the vision overall. Over these next days we seek to completely agree on all fronts and finalize this system. Currently yes, all XS organizations current and future will have to adopt this system. However we are not looking for expansion at this time. Team Xiled International is the last organization that we seek to create at this time.”

    Will there be changes to the current policies; such as Social Media Policy, 7’s Policy, etc.?

    “I don’t see an issue with the policies listed and I see them as on par. The main flaw I see is the squads. The policies will be adjusted around the final system this week.”

    Will the current Court system (Membership Revoke, DNH, Membership Rejoin Policy) still stay in place as well?

    “No changes to the court system at all. It works perfectly.”

    A question was raised by an Xiled Elite member this evening; asking if there will be any changes/amendment to Xiled Elite now that members in the new structure are allowed the ability to have XS in their Gamertag whereas before it was reserved for Leadership & Xiled Elite subscribers. Do you have any changes in mind for Xiled Elite?

    “How we are setting it apart is we are changing the system so members can use “Xiled” in their name freely. “XS” will continue to be reserved for Leadership and Xiled Elite.”

    “I’d like everyone to know that everything I am doing today, and everything that the Senior Leadership team is working to accomplish, is so that everyday every member, leader, and gamer of the organization has a better experience tomorrow. Although change is essential, throughout the week I will be taking all suggestions, ideas, questions, and concerns. Anything that you feel I need to see, please send to my email, [email protected]. Even if I do not reply I WILL see it and I will look at it with the leadership team and together we will make this the best organization that it can be.”

    If you were not able to to make tonight’s meeting, and want to know what the new structure is all about, please go ahead and read the Structure Thinktank document. This document contains the newly proposed structure that the Community will be implementing. Please keep in mind, Mr XGN and the Leadership Team want to hear from YOU. If you have anything at all please be sure that you get that to [email protected] NO LATER than October 11th, 2020. 

    Together we are #OneXS and it’s time to #levelup!

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