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  • Jessi

    XS Events Holding First Ever Selfie Pageant!

    Article By: Jessi 7XS

    Do you have an obsession with taking selfies? Whether it be on Insta, Twitter, or Snap I'm sure you totally do. Well get ready beauties! Xiled Syndicate Events Department is hosting the first ever Holiday Selfie Pageant!

    Running from now until December 15th, 2020, any member that wishes to participate can submit their favorite selfie in each of three different categories; Black & White, Filters, and Non-Filters. Both guys and girls are encouraged to participate, and you can submit one selfie in each category!

    Prizes will be awarded to First, Second, and Third place in each category! With the prizes as follows;

    - 1st Place will win a $10 Gift Card, Forums Awards, and Discord Roles
    - 2nd Place will win the choice of  2 Awards and 1 Discord Role 
    - 3rd Place will win the choice of  1 Award and 1 Discord Role

    Here are the choices of the Forum Awards & Discord Roles you can win!
    • Boobalicious (Discord Role)
    • Dragon Clan (Discord Role) 
    • Bruh (Discord Role) 
    • Fierce As A Dragon (Forums Award)
    • Arya's Dragons (Forums Award) 
    • Afk (Forums Award)

    Take a shot and show us what you got! Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. 

    If you would like to enter, please submit your selfies to one of the following Pageant Judges; 

    - XGN SH00T1TEX 7
    - XILED Noob
    - BGL Slay 7XS
    - BGL Kirby7XS

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